Direct Mail Checklist

1. Did you know that 70% of your orders may come from the people who live in the wealthiest 30% of zip codes? Have you considered zip code deciles? 2. Are you avoiding compiled lists. All you want are the “hotline” names. People who have purchased a products in the last 30 – 90 days.

Top Ten Life Values That Matter The Most

1.  Faith/Higher Power/Spirituality – I feel I have achieved this value anytime; – Use a Masonic Principle – Take Action Without Evidence – Help someone without compensation / Volunteer my Time – Ask for forgiveness – Show Love – Teach someone something I learned – Meditate – Move forward when it seems impossible 2. Health

It All Starts with How You Think

Ideas have consequences. If you don’t like the consequences you’re experiencing in life, examine the ideas in your head. Anyone with minimal experience can point you in the general direction of success. The world is full of people experiencing success on a respectable level. But what makes up the difference between an average player and

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