Best Lead Generation Tools & Software in India

There are many tools available in Indian marketplace that can allow any business to target any category in their niche target market to generate highly qualified, validated and verified business leads.

I have tried some of the tools myself. Investing 100s and 1000s of rupees from my own pocket to try and test them out and also utilize the leads for various purpose.

Majorly, the leads I extracted were utilised for primarily few of these purpose:

  • SMS Marketing for promoting and bringing awareness in the target market
  • Tele Marketing for sales team for fixing appointments and face to face meetings
  • Voice Broadcasting for reaching to the target market without getting huge bills in operating tele marketing campaigns (which includes a lot of time other wise to reach 1000s of people in single day!)
  • Facebook Marketing (You can run custom audience campaign using the email and mobile numbers that you generate from these tools)
  • Email Marketing (By sending sequential & strategic cold email to segmenting the list into highly qualified leads which open the emails and respond to the emails sent across to them)
  • And many more…

But, the main thing which comes as a central point is how accurate is the database, right?

Because if the leads are outdated and no more functional then there is no point to it at the first place.

Because all the efforts, time, energy and money invested goes into waste if we target the wrong people.

Well, some of tools, services & software that I have personally used for generating leads are:

  1. – This company provides very high quality accurate database in almost most of the markets in India. This company is a database provider in India & if you are looking for database vendor in India who can assist you with any kind of database. This is one I highly recommend. That’s because unlike other companies who don’t provide any replacement of database. They provide 90%+ accurate database and incase they have any inaccurate database. They are happy to replace it free of cost.
  2. Local Extractor – This company provides an all in one lead generation tool specifically made for the Indian market. I believe this is the only company of it’s kind which specifically specializes in providing Indian database leads in any business category in India. Now, since they are having a tool which generates the leads. You have to purchase the license of their software to extract leads. This is made for advanced marketers, or agency level or big corporate level clients who needs to find large database from many different markets.
  3. JustDial Extractor – This company provides JustDial Data Extractor Software. Similar to what JustDial Scraper does but more advanced. This is the tool that can extract multi million leads in a month if you use it continuously.
  4. IndiaMart Extractor – This company provides IndiaMart Lead Extractor Software which helps you extract database from India’s largest B2B platform for manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, and suppliers to extract database with all relevant information such as company name, their head person’s name, phone number, email ID, etc. If you are on the lookout for extracting direct B2B contact details of anyone in B2B business. This is far the best tool you can find in the marketplace.Now, their are other tools & services that are also available. Like LinkedIN, Facebook, Zomato, Google Maps, Etc. Just that there ain’t many tools which can give you database from these kinds of websites. If their are, then please comment on this post below. And I will be happy to include them into this list.

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