Copywriting Tips That Can Help You Increase Your CTR in Google AdWords & Other Marketing Campaigns

1. Use the bid words in your headline or copy

Since Google bolds the keywords in AdWords headlines and copy, usage of bid terms make your ads stand out. They also tell the reader that your ad is relevant to them.

2. Test using the {KeyWord: Alt Headline Here} function to use the search phrase as your headline.

  • Must use curly brackets
  • KeyWord capitalizes each word in the headline
  • Keyword capitalizes only the first word of the headline
  • What you write after the colon and before the close bracket is the alternative headline that will be used if the search term is too long

We do not recommend using this for everything. Your top money ads should be custom developed. Recommended testing for this strategy: – Secondary keywords – the hundreds of additional keywords you don’t spend much time on

– Use this in combination with copy that immediately states what you sell, to prevent confusion.

– Low dollar bids – risky strategy

3. Lead with benefits

Copy that starts with the benefits and ends with the features will tend to outpull the exact same copy with the benefit at the end.

Headline – Keywords with action verb

Copy line 1: Benefit

Copy line 2: Feature

4. Test multiple display URLs

Buy dozens of different URLs with the keywords in the URL, point them to different landing pages either by placing the landing page(s) specifically on that domain or using a dns redirection service like to point them at an existing page on a site.

Then test different URLs on different ads

Also, test and

5. Compile a“Swipe file” of all the ads running in your markets,plus many of the other high-dollar areas

Can compile simply through copy/paste

Best if you watch over time – rankings, copy changes, continued success

Gather Google ads, Overture’s ads, Findwhat, etc.

6. Test Google image ads

Give you exclusivity – only ad shown on a page

Testing options:

– High graphic – illustrate your benefit and/or product
– Text based, trying to make it appear like copy typed by the webmaster on the page

Only runs on AdSense at this time

7. Capitalize first letter of each word in your display URL instead of

Can’t use two captials together: not

Can’t Emphasize whole words with caps: not

8. Get specific
”$35” outpulls “lowest price”, especially if it is obviously low priced.

9. Test hyper-specificity
Olympus C-8080 8 megapixel experts may outpull
Specialists in 8+ megapixel SLR cameras which may outpull
Thousands of models available

For certain keywords. For others, exactly the opposite will work.

10.Low price claims pull but are risky

Low price claims are difficult to maintain and are tough on profitability unless you’ve got a high-profit backend built in. It’s testable, they pull well, but I avoid it.

11.Test using anti-hype terms – terms that make it sound like you’re not trying to sell them anything
Compare, reviews, find the best deals

12.Watch for intra-ad integrity Actual ad running right now:

Shop for deals on Computers here! Simply Fast Savings
This becomes harder as you become bigger, so implementing a quality control audit is vital

13.Test exact same copy at different rankings

A low price claim usually performs better in 3-7th rank than first, presumably because people don’t believe you – so even if they buy, you’ve often paid twice for their click.

14.Differentiate yourself

Emphasize what you offer that nobody else does.

– Free 150 page How To Take Great Pictures with purchase – Impartial reviews of 150 top-selling cameras

– Free overnight shipping

– 30 minute consultation free

15.Test short sweet ads 3 words each line

16.Test Geographically specific ads (buying targeted ads)
”Milwaukee weight loss tips”

Then write a landing page specific to challenges of weight loss in Milwaukee – (cheese, beer, can’t walk out your door 6 months of the year) Use a special domain

This is also a great way to test in high-dollar, high traffic markets, enables you to test for limited dollars.

17.Model your ad on one that’s working Your category or another

18.Drop keyword from headline put on 1st line of copy Allows compelling headline, but still gets bold type attention

19.Zig while others zag

If everyone else is saying same thing, try something totally different

20.At least once a month, write a totally new ad from scratch and test it Throw away all the knowledge you’ve compiled so far and try something different

Then, if it does reasonably well, start inputting the learnings you’ve gained to bring it up

Can result in killer CTR’s

21.Buy Cosmopolitan, Readers Digest, National Enquirer and the other consumer magazines in your subject area and study their covers Tested copy, excellent copywriters

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