Just Dial Data Extractor & Scrapers Software – Read This Review First!

IMP: Read this post before purchasing any kind of JustDial Data Extractor, JustDial Lead Scraper, or any kind of JustDial Number Grabber software online.

I am writing this post because I feel cheated by Digital Gateway company which sells JustDial Extractor, IndiaMart Extractor, Google Maps Extractor and similar kind of software. I am not in any way being paid for this post. But, I just wanted to save other people’s hard earned money, time, energy, efforts so they don’t get ripped off like I got myself.

As part of the nature of my work. I was looking for solutions online through which I could collect the database of phone numbers and other details from JustDial.com, TradeIndia, and IndiaMart website.

I operate and market website designing company based out in New Delhi, India. And having the responsibility of operating a team under me as part of my company profile. I have been always been looking for a perfect solution that can give us access to our targeted list of prospects with their business name & phone numbers. 
I have tried several software that helped us do the same thing. But, mostly the issue was that all the database that we found was either outdated or the business owner had already changed the professions that we were trying to target to sell them our products & services.
Now, if you think about the importance of having updated phone numbers. You can understand that if your sales team is dialing the wrong numbers, they are at the end of the day going to waste their important time that goes on approaching your list of prospects and try selling tem your products & services being offered.
During the past couple of months, my company was looking for such kind of software through which we can simply add any local area that wanted the leads from and then add the business category through which we can extract this specific, niche targeted leads for providing this database to my sales team.
I ended up looking for solutions online. And I found two major websites who were providing similar software for JustDial.
I was really excited that we finally found the solution and that the solution is a one time cost. Giving us access to any number of leads that we could start collecting using this software.
So, I ended up purchasing the software from DigitalGateway.in I paid these people 7,000 INR for their JustDial Data Extractor software that they were selling. And we got the copy of the software.
As excited as I was to start using this software. I asked one of my team member to start using this software and start extracting database of our target market segment.
The software worked just fine. BUT, only till the first 300 to 400 listings. And then suddenly, the software gave us an error in the end and when we clicked OK. The software restarted automatically. 
We found the software to be buggy. And then we put the same complaint to the guy who sold us the software. Digital Gateway guy told that this is a problem with your computer and not a problem with the software. So, we told him. Ok fine. We will use the same software on another computer. We ended up experimenting the same on the other computer in our office. And the same issue continued on the other computer, too!
We then called these people again and asked them that either you give us a functioning software. Or simply give us the money back. The guy was arrogant. And acted like an A$$hole!
I was disappointed, and felt that I was so close to finding a solution that could have worked for our business and helped us get the right database to target for our tele marketing campaigns along with SMS marketing campaigns.
After losing 7000INR from my pocket and also making a bad impression in my company of getting fooled by these assholes. I didn’t give up on finding a working solution.
After doing a bit more research, I found JustDialExtractor.com I thought these people are same guys as that of DigitalGateway. So, I reached out to these people. Asking if that was true. The person who took my call told me that they have got nothing to do with the company I was dealing with before. And that, they are the original creator of the software. And they understand that as soon as JustDial.com brings any new changes, they can guarantee that they will provide me with a working software.
So, I asked them if they can walk their talk. And show me an actual working software instead of simply talking. Because I was sick of this other guy, who basically fooled me and gave a piece of shitty software with all the bugs and errors. And frankly, I am disappointed and cant trust till the time I don’t see the actual working of the software.
Their support staff was prompt to show us a live working demo via an automatic registration process where they gave me a demo license key which was generated automatically when I signed up on their website. And they showed me how their software is stable, and works just fine that too even if I select multiple city, and multiple category. And they have tested this with extraction of more then 20000+ numbers extracted in one go using this very software.
I saw the software myself. And saw that the software was actually extracting numbers, right against my eyes! The software extracted 2700+ numbers in 15 minutes! And it also gave details like Business Name, its registered business category on JustDial, along with the address and 3 types of phone numbers, email address and website URL which were listed on JustDial website. And then, also the business rating score that business had on JustDial.
I was impressed and I took my bet again to buy this software. But, when we asked them the price. They told us the price of the software was 15000INR! Now, I was totally surprised for the overpriced amount that I thought the software will be off. I was already 7000INR out of my pocket and investing another 15,000INR would be a lot.
But, their team guaranteed me that firstly the amount these people are charging is not for the software but also the software + free updates I will receive in the future, and along with that if I or my team have any issues operating the software. They will provide ongoing support. And then they told me if I look at the long term value of having a functional working software which gives us access to UNLIMITED leads. I will get my money back within couple of days of using the software and then able to monetize the leads which are having more worth to my business.
Now, I was totally impressed with the conviction, with sheer honesty, and with the confidence this guy talked me with. I told him, I will take this bet. But, we don’t want to end up losing trust in them like the other guy.

Truth about JustDial Lead Extractor Available Online 

Then, he was prompt to tell me that people at Digital Gateway.in are one of the biggest scammers. Who have been involved in selling software like Just Dial Extractor, WhatsApp marketing software, etc. which are all cracked versions that they sell to their clients and customers. These people are not the original developers. And they get hands on these software from cracked sources and hackers group. He asked me to check if these people could provide me with an updated version of the software now. As they committed to me earlier. And he was prompt to let me know. That if you still want their software. I would be happy to give that as a complimentary copy along with their original version of the copy of JustDial Extractor if that’s what I wanted.
Now, its been almost more then 4 months since the day. I have bought Just Dial Extractor from both of these companies. And I am in a position to give you guys a honest review about them, both. Please make sure these both the companies haven’t paid me a penny back for writing all this. But, because of the sheer stress, anxiety and marketing challenges I had the urge to write this review and save the others from the misery of finding the RIGHT working solution.

So, here’s my review for DigitalGateway’s Just Dial Extractor:

These people are selling the cracked software. They are not the original creator of the software. And just shuffling copy of this software to ask many people as they can. This software, since its a cracked version will operate on unlimited PCs. But the issue is that even if the software works fine when you look at it the first time when the guy shows you the demo.
The software will stop working, start giving errors after 300-400 listings searched on via this software.

My Verdict:

Don’t trust these assholes. They don’t have any commitment to provide prompt update. And when they don’t and you ask for the refund. They ask you to fuck off!

Next, let’s talk about Just Dial Extractor from JustDialExtractor.com

Even though, I paid this company 15,000INR to buy one single PC license which works on just one computer. This software really works! I have extracted more then 1 million plus phone numbers from JustDial (remember, all targeted from business category important to us in our business). And yes, we had issues once in a while. The issues happened when JustDial.com brought update in their website design because of which the software was not able to extract the database from their website.
But, then when I called their support and asked for an update. They promised me that dont worry. We will deliver the new update within the next 1-3 days. Within the next 24 hours I got an email with the new updated copy of the software. I was so happy & relieved that unlike other company, these people didn’t make a fool out of me and delivered on their promise!
Its been 2-3 instances like that in the past couple of months. Where I was required to get the new updated copy of the software. And since, these people always at any time their is an update. Have been prompt in emailing us the new copy of the software on time.
Now, if I come to think about the investment that I had to go through in finding the working solution, which was long term, scalable and allowed us to not be dependent on any random “database vendors” who promise bells & whistles of providing the “right” database. Now, we are self-reliant, and have the power to generate our own database in any specific business category we can think of marketing to using any of the strategies like cold calling, sms marketing, whatsapp marketing.
Now, infact we are ourselves a data mining company which can extract its own database. And we have sold the database to some of our clients which has not only brought my money back with the investment that I had to shell out of my pocket. But, in terms of the revenue that my team has been able to generate for our business. It’s been multiple times that JustDial Extractor has worked for my business.

My Advice For You Before Buying JustDial Extractor Software:

If you are having random thoughts of whether you are looking for a specific category of database or you are looking for a solution for long term to get the database from JustDial. I suggest don’t be tactically and think long term. Go with any company which is trustable, honest on their words and speak what they do. Don’t fall into traps of companies like DigitalGateway.in (Scammers!) and find a reliable company like JustDialExtractor.com (Original creators!)
The investment is worth it. Only if, you know how to capitalize on these powerful marketing leads you can extract using this kind of software.
UPDATE on Nov, 2016: Now, you can download one full day version of JustDialExtractor.com’s Just Dial Extractor free of charge at http://justdialextractor.com. I think this will be sufficient for people to actually try & test the stability of the software and compare it with other solutions for anyone looking for such kind of software.

UPDATE#2 Jan, 2017: I found so many people reaching out to me telling me that they purchased the software from DigitalGateway.in and then whenever they asked for any new update from this asshole. He never received their calls and nor did he provide any future update. One guy told me he took money again for providing an update and then gave him the same non-working copy. After doing further research, I found some MouthShut.com reviews – here, here and here again. Guys, I don’t care about anything else. But, please be aware of this scammer. And don’t trust his words. He is one heck of a con artist. I am not getting paid to suggest you anything. So, I will shut up. But, please be aware and make your own judgement of whose right or not.

I also got this company reaching out to me on my website. Threatening me to take this post down. I say “F*ck You, Scammer!”

And please note, JustDialExtractor.com service is no doubt. Excellent. It’s been almost more then 6 months. And the software is being promptly updated by the developer and we as clients get quick download links automatically to keep the version latest. The team actually got on a call with me recently just to make a check if everything was working fine for us, which frankly. I don’t think any company would dare care about after selling you the software once.

UPDATE: Checkout the latest software released by JustDial Extractor people – Local Extractor this is an all in one automated lead generation software that gets you database from 15+ diff sources!
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