Why People Fail To Recognize The Obvious

“The most incompetent people do not know they are incompetent” said by Professor of Psychology at Dunning from Cornell.

Most of the times you will see the reason that the one who is ignorant is also the one who is blissfully self-assured that’s because the skill sets which are required for competency are also the same skillset that’s necessary to recognize it.

Hence, if you are myopic someone is their outlook. Then this incompetent nature is something that can make you suffer doubly.

People in this state of mind are not only those who will make erroneous conclusions and make bad choices in business, but their incompetence actually robs them from the ability to even realize it. Even when they are involved in such actions. In fact, this same incompetence can also lead to the person being in denial to accept the true reality.

I am starting this post by writing this to remind everyone to steer clear of the urge to deny or not accept reality.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur then your reality in business life has to be either to grow or die, valueing what your market wants, understanding the trends, your competition, your opportunity costs, and what’s your return on investment. Every aspect of running a successful business that not every person is fond of looking at with a raw true-reality based strategic thinking.

There are so many people who are living their business life. But, out of all these people their are so many people who should not be in the business they’re in right now. But, they are still in the same business because they fail to accept reality and actually refuse to even look through the lenses of reality.

“The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” ~Socrates

Now, in the above quote. You can replace the word life with “business model” or “entity”. But the main core meaning will still stay the same.

I took notes when I was going through Jay Abraham’s Super Seminar which took place in 2013 where he added the word “continually”. The business model which is unexamined continually is not worth operating.

We as entrepreneurs, executives, business owners are paid to solve people’s problem. This can only be done when we continually start thinking about how to do our business differently, and at the same time make it more effective then compared with our competitors.

If we don’t do our business differently and even more effectively, then why are we in business at the first place?

Why should any of your perfect prospect do business with you when their is someone else who can do the same thing in much better, more advantegeous way for them as the customer?

What Not To Do…

Here’s an excerpt from Robert Greene’s book “Mastery” that spells out what you want to avoid doing . . .

“As you accumulate more skills and internalize the rules that govern your field, your mind will want to become more active, seeking to use this knowledge in ways that are more suited to your inclinations.

What will impede this natural creative dynamic from flourishing is not a lack of talent, but your attitude. Feeling anxious and insecure, you will tend to turn conservative with your knowledge, preferring to fit into the group and sticking to the procedures you have learned. Instead you MUST force yourself in the opposite direction.

As you emerge from your apprenticeship, you must become increasingly bold. Instead of feeling complacent about what you know, you must expand your knowledge to related fields, giving your mind fuel to make new associations between different ideas.

You MUST experiment and look at problems from all possible angles. As your thinking grows more fluid your mind will become increasingly dimensional, seeing more and more aspects of reality.

In the end, you will turn against the very rules you have internalized, shaping and reforming them to suit your spirit. Such originality will bring you to the heights of power.”

Jay brought this up while starting of the seminar, that’s because most of the people when they leave the seminars that they attend, tend to forget and then start living in their own outdated reality.

Similarly, the herd that is comprised of is that of your peers or fellow team mates or your partner who wants to cling with the status quo. And whenever you will try to shake things up by adopting new ways of doing things. They will retaliate because they fear change and hence, will always try to beat you back in making you do things the old, ineffeciant, and ineffective ways of doing things & being.

But, you know what’s the worse part? Not only will you be fighting everyone’s limited thinking but at the same time you’ll also keep on fighting with your OWN programming that tells us to play safe, because as Bilbo Baggins says in the hobbit, “Adventures make you late for dinner.”

I like Jay on this one: He says that 2% of whatever happens to us in majority areas of our life is an act of god or the equivalent. But, then rest 98%.  The rest happens to us as a result of us taking actions in regards to the factors or the elements we can influence in our lives. And we don’t try to influence our reality in the ways that actually benefit us, then we don’t have any rights to be victims of reality. Hence, you have like 98% control over your reality in whatever is happening to you in life. But, no matter what. Your control will be wasted if you don’t exercise it on a regular basis.

You know it’s cool that you know your stuff and all. Also, being that intellectual guy is so cool. But, doing SHIT is the only thing THAT COUNTS.

There are a lot of take aways from the above sentences only if being an entrepreneur or a small business owner or a strategic thinker. You think deeply about it. Don’t ignore the obvious because the obvious is what you need to understand first.

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