Should I Visit Goa in Monsoon Season? Pros & Cons

Do you think it’s worth traveling to Goa in monsoon season?

Most people from India and across the world travel to Goa in it’s peak seasons i.e. during the sunny & dry winter times between the starting of October month and till the end of march. During this time period you will see the whole Goa with its full vibes and so many activities, events, parties happening during the near perfect weather conditions during this time period.

But, with the starting of April & May time period. The temperature starts rising and Goa is full of heat waves & humid air. That’s when travellers start migrating & crowd becomes lesser and lesser.

But, during the June through September. It’s monsoon times in Goa! It’s completely rainy season with few days where you can see direct sunlight coming from those cloudy sky.

I know, this is one major reason why Goa turns of a lot of tourists and travellers during this time period. But, as they say. With some disadvantages there always comes some advantages!

So, in this post. I will be covering one of the most commonly asked questions.

Monsoons in Goa: Is it really worth traveling during this time?

Before renting a house in Goa for season, last year I visited Goa in during the off season in monsoon. Even though, I was not expecting anything great out of this trip. And as most of my friends told me that this probably is the worst time because of heavy rain & thunderstorms happening during that course of time. I still, decided to go for a short trip to Goa for couple of days. People told me that, everything is closed by this time. But, when I landed in Goa I found NOT EVERYTHING IS CLOSED in Goa during the monsoon! Even though, definately it was much more silent, without much crowd, and only handful of travellers around visiting Goa.

Luckily, I had a friend who accompanied me during this travel. And to make it more interactive, we stayed in a hostel to find more avid travellers to make it more social and having the chance to meet new people and make the journey more interactive. Even though hostels during this season for not fully booked, but still you can find a lot of travellers who took a bet like us to visit here.

Weather in Goa during monsoon time

Even though, when I was visiting Goa in monsoon. It was about time that monsoon was getting over. Still, we had days with heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, cloudy days, and sometimes days with sunny patches. It was heavily humid, more then the winters, and also felt hotter even though it was raining heavily. Nights were mostly full of rainy days. But, during the day time you can find lucky days with sunny clouds, going to and frow. Frankly, it was quite fun. Waiting for the rain to get over. And then, days when the storm was at peak.

You might as well find roads getting choked with traffic in city areas because of water clogging, etc. But, if you are living in a place where you can find basic amenities, groceries, and some nice open restaurants. I don’t think you will require much traveling during the “off” period.

But, let me warn you. When it rains in Goa, it rains heavily with big drops of rain! Usually, the storms only lasted for half hours. And after which its quite refreshing because the humidity gets over. Weather predictions were most not that accurate. Somedays when it was predicated heavy rains, you could find light ones. And vice versa. Though, I heard people talking that during June & July the rain is not that usual and it’s quite days also with no rains in between.

Hence, whenever you plan to travel to Goa in monsoon. Make sure to check the weekly predictions. And MAY BE, the predictions come true and it goes like the weekly forecast suggested 😉

So, finally. Another, most frequently asked question.

What exactly happens in Goa during the rainy season?

During this time period. You will see constant flow of Indian tourists traveling to Goa. There are not many Western tourists. But, still you will some number of Russian tourists still visiting places. But, don’t worry. Even though people might say that all the restaurants, guest houses, hotels are closed during this time. But, still you will find several places serving good food, and you will still find some restaurants serving some authentic Goan food. If, you are looking for partying then you can reach out to the locals and ask about the parties happening at different places on different days around Baga, Calangute and Anjuna.

If you visit South Goa, even during the peak season time. You will find lot lesser people then the usual belts of Goa like Baga, Calangute, Candolim which receives the major number of tourists. And when you visit South Goa, in monsoon. It’s completely quite place during this time. Hence, if you want to check out exclusive rock bottom pricing on luxuries hotels, then you will have some special monsoon offers. And even more cheaper if you are planning to stay longer. Where you can negotiate a further discount. Even though, Baga, Calangute, Candolim are quite busy during this time also. Specifically, when its the weekend. Mostly, filled with Indian tourists traveling from across India. And most bars, restaurants, and shops gets opened during the weekend here. Although, you will find the place to be no where as near as the peak times in Goa.

So, if you are looking for some exciting action in Goa. During monsoon. Then, Baga might probably be the best bet for you.

The more famous parts for hippies around Goa. North Goa with places like Anjuna and Vagator. Here you will find few places open. But, if you expect the shacks to be open during this time. Forget about it. Because even the govt. doesn’t allow any shacks to have the permission to keep them open.

The famous Anjuna Flea Markets, and the Saturday Night Markets. Are completely closed during this time. Even though, you can visit Guru Bar on Anjuna cliffs, along with some other local restaurants which serve some really amazing local Goan food & their special delicacies. I frankly, loved the quite side of these places. Because if by chance you visit Goa during the peak season. Then, you will see a completely different picture to this place with its own perception that it will give you. But in monsoon, you can interact with the locals with more leisure, then during the rush hours. Where you will see all kinds of tourist flocking around.

If you want to have some real authentic seafood, then I suggest visiting Anand restaurant. Also, visit Biryani Palace in Anjuna. Which is open all year. Famous places for party like UV Bar, Curlies, Cafe Lilliput gets opened on the weekends. But, don’t expect a heavy niche crowd here this time.

If you go further from Anjuna, to Vagator, then you will find places like Water on the cliffs, Mango Tree, Maha Laxmi, Shree still open.

Places like Morjim, Ashvem and Mandrem are mostly quite even if you come in season time. But, during monsoon these places seems to be completely deserted. Even places like Arambol, which are getting very busy and famous with each passing seasons. Are all quite, with not many shops open during this time. And all those road side stalls that you could see in the peak times are completely gone!

Goa is the most greener during this time.

Like the Amazon forest. You will see all the flowers, faunas, and trees growing with their full potential. It feels like you have entered a dense forest area at some places. Everything lush green. Go more places, and even more green. While you have your scooter or a car. It’s a breezy drive around the places. You will see local people living their normal life. Without the disturbance from the hectic, chaotic, party people surround the place during the peak timings. I found people watching. To be one of those fun activities during this time. 🙂

Now, let’s come down to the final question you might have. Ok?

Should I visit Goa during the monsoon, rainy season?

Well, frankly. It completely depends on you. Whether you want to see the quiter side of Goa or you want to see the vibrant side of Goa. I prefer, both. Just so you know.

Let’s count some major benefits, advantages, pros of visiting Goa during monsoon season:

  • You will find the lowest price for accommodations like hotels, guest houses, villas and apartment during this season.
  • Lush, beautiful, scenic beauty of Goa. Like never before. In order to get the best out of it. Rent a scooter, or a bike for as low as 150-200 INR per day.
  • Go and do people watching. You can see normal villagers living their usual life. Normal people living the usual Goa life. It’s not like how you see and make the perception of Goa when you visit during the peak season. 😉
  • The lowest number of people on beaches. Go for long walks. All on your own with rare many people. It feels like you have got the whole god damn beach to yourself. If you are a couple, this might turn out to be the most romantic beach walks you see in the movies. 😉
  • Thunderstorms, heavy storms, beautiful sky, clouds, rains can sometimes be so exciting!
  • Find some real good Goan food. Served by local restaurants.
  • You can even rent a car for as low as 400 INR per day.


Let’s count some major drawbacks, dis-advantages, cons of visiting Goa during the rainy season:

  • Weather shown is the forecast is most likely going to be exactly the opposite. Don’t hope if it says low rain during the day that it will definitely be like that. Rain is likely to happen during the day. And night time can be the heaviest. Coming to think of it. This probably is not the time when you want to hit the beaches!
  • Most of the famous forms of accommodations like hotels, guest houses, apartments for rent, villas are closed during this season.
  • Major & famous restaurants are closed during this time period. Even, you don’t have much shopping and partying options available during the weekdays. And all the famous markets are no more happening during this time.
  • If you like staying around people. Then, you might as well feel lonely. Because most of the tourists visit Goa during the peak season. And you will find very few new people that you can interact with. Not much International tourists. But, many drunk Indian tourists who want to take advantage of cheap pricing, and access to the beaches. TIP: Stay in a hostel, where you can expect nomads, avid travellers, and if you are lucky some great company.
  • You won’t find the beaches to be that beautiful like the usual. If you are thinking about swimming, you might as well find that the water is rough on the skin during this time. And by any chance, if you find yourself as the only lady in the bikini on the beach. You will definitely attract a lot of attention from majority of the Indian tourists who might find you exclusive. TIP: Hence, not advised.
  • If you are around the commercial and city areas. While its raining expects some street jams, and water clogging.

Even though with all these cons in place. I can still bet on one thing.

Goa is most beautiful during the monsoon season.

People say that Goa is most scenic during the monsoon season. While you are traveling through the fields, which are lush green during this season. And it’s probably best time to photograph the local living of Goa. I am sure you will be disappointed with the beaches. Most of the beaches will have litter spread by the Indian tourists. Most of the beach shacks are torn apart because of the inactivity. Swimming in the water is really going to be rough on your skin. And the sea might as well look a bit dark. And as if the life is taken away from it. When it’s a sunny day, by chance. You might not enjoy the sunny rays with a mixture of heavy humid atmosphere. Which might as well make the wake be a sweat session.

This time when you don’t find much people around most of the places in Goa. It feels like Goa is reviving out of the exhausting peak seasons. It feels that nature is blooming back with its evergreen lush gardens, and houses covered by full grown tarpaulins, and most of the walls covered with black and green mildew stains on them. Mostly, filled with black clouds, and dense forests. The times when its going to rain heavily, you will see the street sand which is red in colour to be turned into orange mid spreading all over the place.

Hence, finally.

If you are the type of person who wants to visit the beaches, go party, meet new people, live the beach life. During the monsoon. You will find all your dreams shattered within no time.


If you like nature, you love people watching – the local way of living, you love green fields, and long drives into the woods, and you are chilled out with heavy rains coming at odd timings, if you are adjustable, then you will love exploring Goa during this time period. For sure.

There are so many things to do in Goa apart from the beaches and the parties which most of the people think. And during this time. You can take a chill pill. And do all those activities. That you would have usually missed because of how Goa makes you feel when you are here, otherwise. I will probably create another blog posts about things you can do in Goa apart from the beaches and parties, may be later.

So, my final question to you.

Have you visited Goa during the monsoon? How was your experience? What did you like or didn’t like about Goa in monsoon? What’s your story?

I feel just blogging about my experience keeps the discussion one sided. Open up and share your perspective, thoughts, and comments below.

I hope to listen more from my readers and I hope you found this article useful. If so, please share it on FB, Twitter or the social media site of your choice. I will be thankful. May be your friends might like it as well. 🙂

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