4 Ways To Bring Great Value To The World With Strategy Of Preeminence

(Watch the video above by widely respected Mr. Jay Abraham, one of my mentors.)

Statistics across any sub-section of people you look at from children’s classrooms, car dealership salespeople, professional athletes, etc., prove that most people are either mediocre, or worse.

Most people make an unspoken agreement with themselves to work at 1/10 of their capacity, 1/15 of their effectiveness, and earn about 1/15 of the money they actually could and bring .04 percent of the value to the world that they actually could.

In their heart, people don’t want to be a disappointment to themselves, their friends or loved ones. People want to be proud of themselves. But for the most part, nobody you respect and revere holds you to a high enough standard – a standard that demands you be your bad ass.

And for the most part, a lot of people stand to gain from you being mediocre. Two groups who stand to profit from your apathy are your competitors and cheap skate customers.

If you’re just barely eeking by, your competitor doesn’t have to worry about you and cheap skate customers on the hunt for you so they can nickel and dime you to death because they see you’re desperate and will take whatever you’re given.

The first aspect of going beyond mediocre in the eyes of your perfect prospect is to gain deep empathy for your perfect prospect’s situation in life that you can specifically help them with.

This empathy will bring you focus your attention on not only creating products or services that address this problem but it will also help you speak with clarity to this specific problem in your marketing.

When you do this, you have gained the Power To Influence. You understand who you should and shouldn’t be talking to indefinitely. When you know the perfect prospect you’re looking for and you know how to speak to their needs and wants in person and in your marketing, you gain certainty in your ability to make shit happen.

Your perfect prospect’s love buying from people who are more certain than they are about how to solve their problems: Example – the surgeon/patient dynamic. When the client or customer sees you’re certain that you what you have is perfect for them, they will take the action you want them to THAT IS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST TO TAKE.

1st Step To Going From Being A Nobody… To Being A Great Somebody: Get a vivid picture of what greatness is

What does greatness look like in your business as a series of movie clips to you? To your employees? To your prospects? To your customers? To your competitors? To your bankers?

If you don’t know what greatness looks, feels, smells and tastes like, how is the world supposed to rally behind you and give it to you?

You need to know what raw material you need in order to be great.

You need to know what kind of time commitment is needed in order to be great.

You need to know what is perceived by your perfect prospects to be great
(Michael Jackson, after recording his songs, would listen to them on a cheap walkman because he wanted to hear how they sounded to the people who were going to be buying them and make sure they sounded great even without the platinum listening gear).

The vision of greatness isn’t going to be the same for everyone and you want to embrace the idea of idea of visioning.

You want your vision to be able to evolve; not be a static scenario. You want to adapt and evolve and this might involve you completely changing the path you’re on and the outcome you want. And this is why vision-ing vs. having a rigid vision is so important.

You want to prioritize with a military like precision – What’s the target? What weapons are at my disposal that can be used to move past all obstacles in the path to reaching this target? These resources can come in the form of people and tools and trainings.

If you don’t know where to start, think of people who you consider to be great in the arena you want to be great in. And then reverse engineer what actions and mindsets make them great.

2nd Step To Going From Being A Nobody… To Being A Great Somebody: What is the path you’re going to start moving forward on?

Fast, might not be what you’re looking for here.

You want to consider the fact that overnight achievement can lead to disappointment and frustration – people winning the lottery losing all their money and being worse off financially than before they won the money, celebrities who one month were a bunch a nobodies, and the next few months later having paparazzi stalking them and people recognizing them and all the pressure that comes with having the international spot light on you and this leading to some people having drug and alcohol problems.

You want to make sure that you’re growing and then accepting the level you’ve grown to before moving towards the next level. If you gradually ascend, you can adapt to what better and better feels like with the shock that comes with going one extreme to another.

You want to look at all the paths you can take to move forward and consider all your options. You want to consider speed, safety, costs, conditions, etc. You want to look at the safer, faster and most fulfilling way to get to the next level.

And keep in mind that progress, not perfection, is the name of the game. 80% is well worth congratulating yourself on.

3rd Step To Going From Being A Nobody… To Being A Great Somebody: Start taking action to forward on the path you’ve chosen

Putting things off is what losers do.

If you want to be a mediocre loser, talk about what you want to do and then do nothing.

If you want to move towards greatness take the first step and realize your results are going to be nowhere near perfect. Just like your first time riding a bike wasn’t perfect, or your first time using a spoon wasn’t perfect or the first time you walked wasn’t perfect.

Give yourself permission to execute at far less than perfection as you’re trying on new behaviors. Mastery of something great will never come instantly. Microwaved mastery does not exist.

4th Step To Going From Being A Nobody… To Being A Great Somebody: Get direct feedback on what you’re doing from a mentor or a coach

We make our progress when we’ve got a champion who is interested in our making progress.

What really helps is if this champion has been where we want to go and can coach us on what we need to correct in our actions and our thinking.

And it will serve you tremendously to have a champion who has deep understanding of motivational psychology and won’t just try to make you be them or make you take actions they did because they only know one way to get a result.

You want a champion who can understand your model of the world and then help you evolve to a better version of it. And I believe we all need someone to be accountable to for all of our lives.

Want to dive in even deeper…? Watch the Advanced version of Strategy of Preeminence…

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