7 Things To Focus On While Building Your Online Business

1. Productivity At this age, when we are always distracted by the new shiny objects, the social media, and numerous other online time wasting, ineffective, inefficient online activities. We are required to firstly, get rid of the distrations, get shit lot more done, allocate your time to the highest money making activities, and also take on valuable, exciting, enjoyable and also quality, large portion of time to rejuvenate also. Though, this might seem counter-intuitive to you but whenever you take out the time to relax yourself, and love to do. You increase your productivity in exchange. But, its your duty to learn the tools, systems, and approaches that you need to understand, learn and master in order to make this all happen. Coming to think of it. There are so many things that are competing for your attention right now in your business. When you learn yourself, to be more productive, and learn productivity by upgrading your systems of operations, its a huge deal. And it starts to pay off on its own.

2. Your Product

We are firstly required to redesign, tweak, optimize our products so that they are completely irresistible to your “right” customers. That requires you to know your customers in completely new way. You have to understand your customer’s persona. Create an avatar or personality that’s most likely your ideal customer ready to buy your product. And then start working on building your product or service designed to fill their needs and solve their problems. And when you go further down the line, you are required to find the “Influencer” or someone who can make an influence in your customer’s eyes the most, so that you can understand the psychology behind why your customers are buying what they are buying. Then, in the final stage, you have to clear and release all the relevant NEXT products and build what I call the graduation model in your business. During this course of time, you should have your product pathway, the progressive model, which in exchange provides your clients a way to get better, and have more results.

3. Your Marketing

What is marketing? Well, according to me. Marketing can be defined as “communication with your prospects, customers and clients that gets customers”. Simple. Yet. Very powerful. It’s a very specific way of communicating with people, where there are only two goals. One is that your talk about your customer’s inner motivations, and how your specific product or service helps them get the solution. There are strategic steps to do just that. Now, at this stage where buying traffic is not a problem, as businesses now are migrating online, we have to take new approaches to marketing. Its time to stop thinking of marketing as a one time thing, a one time deal maker, a one time tactical way of looking at your marketing, and move on to start thinking, producing, and building a process that allows you to build a business relationship to that “one” customer or a client. Because at the end of the day. That person is a real human. Next, its all about scaling up so that you can reach as many more thousands or millions of prospects, customers and clients.

4. Your Growth

If your business is not stable and predictable then you can’t be sure about its growth and scaling capacity. In order to do that you must always attract super star “a players” to run and operate your business with and for you. This is one of the cornerstone different that I felt made a difference in my business too. You can be sure that work is taken off your plat, and these new super men and women handle the work for you. Once, you learn how to find and attract the right “kind” if people in your team. You will realize this too.

5. Your Mastermind

If you have read Napolean Hill’s best selling book and well known to be success bible to a lot of entrepeneurs from the book “Think & Grow Rich” he said – No great success is possible without the power of mastermind. So, what exactly is mastermind? Well, its a small group of people who are all committed to helping each other succeed in the long run. Again, no great success can ever become possible without it. If you are wondering which is the best mastermind. Then, the mastermind which is best is the one YOU build. You have to start by getting the best of the best by networking your way into it. And start by contributing to them so you can define your value too, and earn respect & rapport. I love the phrase said by Jay Abraham once. “If you wanted to be the most interesting person in the room. Then, become the most interested person in the room.”

6. Money & Wealth

The formula for building wealth, is not just limited to just getting money. Once, your online virtual business becomes successful and profitable. Its time for you to invest those resources wisely in the right directions and assets that perpetually grow in value and throw off more value to you. As you’ve probably seen, getting money doesn’t usually lead to keeping money – its in personal life too and as well as business. There are a lot of people who tend to find a way to escape money in there life. Even after when they earn it. I’ve studied the lives and habits of many self-made wealthy & profitable business people. And all have one thing in common. Its their mindset and habits. That’s what people lack mostly, too. And that’s the distinction. Hence, its very critical that you educate yourself about money, how it works, how wealth is built, and if you’re going to create your own profitable virtual business.

7. Lifestyle & Learning

This is the real fun part. When you actually start building your business, that you want to grow and profit from. Learning the tools and systems, that’s when you step up to the future you deserve – and this section of your life, can actually completely change your life. Learning becomes more meaningful and fun when you start to see the connecting dots directly to the growth and success of your business… which connects directly to your – lifestyle. When they say “Knowledge is power” and its important to study others who have done it before you. So, that you can shorten your time for all those trial and errors which has been experienced by someone else BEFORE you. Lifestyle and learning go hand to hand together. And they’re critical to your success if you want to to create an amazing lifestyle with a beautiful reality for yourself and your loved ones.]]>

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