I am an educator, avid learner, life hacker, growth strategist who specializes in Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Product Launches, Funnel & List Building, Strategic Business Growth. Using latest technology & marketing automation using today’s available tools such as email marketing automation & evergreen webinar systems at Launch.Management and Online Ranker.

In my personal life, I practice meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, intuition & latest technologies of human growth on a continual basis to empower myself to keep on evolving myself to the next level on year to year basis.

I dropped out of high school at an early age. And since, then designed my own education curriculum consisting of lots of books, audiobooks, open source lectures, coaching programs, seminars, and one to one mentorship from some of the world’s leading experts in various subjects including sales & marketing, positive psychology, neuroscience & hypnotherapy, personal growth & development, health, nutrition & fitness, relationships, strategic business growth & leadership, and ever growing subjects that keeps adding into my interest as life passes by. To get a clue read the recommended list of books I compiled here.

I also provide free consultation as a coach, mentor, teacher to people in my inner circle by helping them uncovering their life’s potential by being a strategic interventionist (Thanks to Anthony Robbins & Madanes Training that I went through at an early age). I have helped many people overcome breakup, take the next leap in their career, improve their relationships with their spouse, mended broken marriages, gave positive outlook to massive depressives, and lit up lives for people who never knew they have a choice to live a conscious, more engaged and more meaningful life.

I love traveling into places where you don’t find much commercial crowds, but more nomads, long term traveller, people who decided to choose what, when, where, and why on their choices.

I am a rebel by nature, who discards the common education system (which I say is now outdated), religion (because you can be spiritual but not religious), 9 to 5 lifestyle (because you can opt to work for any number of hours, but you should love what you do!), and many such bull shit rules created by the society to make an understanding of the world.

I keep on exploring new ways of thinking, operating, living. I keep on optimizing, upgrading, adapting new models of the reality  which bring me more closer to living a more conscious, driven and fulfilling life.

I mean why do we have to waste our time, energy, efforts & money into the old ways of doing & living. When you can hack the process by continuously educating & learning the new ways of operating.

Abhinav in itself means “Always New”. I thank my mom & dad for naming me so, and I am glad I got this name. 🙂

Expect a new version in the next 11 months since this posting. Because next year you will find a more evolved version of me and this website like always.

But, then please don’t thinking I am boasting. I am grateful for whoever I am to my family and friends, my mentors, my teachers, people who have been an integral part of life by teaching me, educating me, to be whatever I am today. I am a continuous learner, and I will keep on educating myself, improving myself, growing myself, till the day I die. That’s a pledge I made to myself when I decided to drop out and decide my own curriculum.



Oh, and since you are on this page. Which I didn’t expected. Let me tell you why I write what I write here.

I have kept this blog very abstract. Like sometimes you will see me posting about internet marketing, other times relationships, then book summary & notes by few of the books I read, to Strategic Thinking ideology, and then from time to time on anything and everything.

Interestingly, this blog has been featured in a lot of prominent places across the globe like TheNextWeb.com, ITWeb, etc. because of someone of the famous articles like List of Mobile Ad Networks, Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion System Review, etc.

The whole idea is to add more value by providing resources, writing, articles, and information that resonates with the audience I will like to connect and communicate with. Are you one of ’em?

Welcome to Gulyani.com

Hope to see you reading more often.

P.S. I am friendly too. Reach out to me via my FB fanpage and I will be sure to reply back with anyway I can help you!

P.P.S. Cheers, this about page was an overdue.