Anatomy of a $25,000 email campaign

Because each email was centred around a theme, I’m going to share 2 of the best ones we used and also tell you why it works, then give you an example and break it down of one of them. There was a very thorough process of elimination before I came up with what seemed to get us a consistent high open and click through rate. 1) Pop culture emails… Why? Because nearly everyone has watched movies, TV shows, read books/plays/scripts/poetry, or even music! We’ve all been exposed to this stuff even in school, so use it to your advantage! People tend to listen to those people who have a similar view or have something in common with them. Pop culture is the EASIEST way to bond with people. Think about it for a moment, if I asked 10 people, “Hey, do you Aerosmith?” – very likely someone will say yes, that person will become an acquaintance and eventually a friend. And even will ask my opinion when they go to buy things! (Example follows) 2) Incredibly Good without Incredibly Bad… Why? Because it’s giving people the fantasy they desire, you know give them good news without the bad. We all want to have as much as possible with as little expense (whether time, money or resources) spent. So by giving someone something they want without them going through hell, you become their favorite. Examples of these sort of emails could be… “Lose 25lbs this week without cardio” or “Be 200% more productive without changing yourself” These things work. Now on to that email break down I promised you! An example here is a soon to be infamous email I created… All links are bold and underlined [Subject: Igor, It’s… Alive] I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster… Can you imagine what it felt like, doing things that were out of the ordinary, like Dr. Frankenstein having to grave dig and take parts of different men to create his monster. I mean, all he was trying to do is help people live longer, healthier and possibly forever… All that hard work of putting everything together only to have someone or some people criticize you for what you have done. It’s just like how your family and friends may misunderstand what you’re doing to build your online business. But unlike Dr. Frankenstein you don’t need to start robbing graves and turn your country (and most of the world) against you. Because all you need to create that “Monster” is at your disposal. You actually have your own little laboratory right there in front of you now. This laboratory however isn’t as complicated as people will have you believe. All you need is a simple formula: x + y = C X (Traffic) + y (product to promote)= C (Cash) What if you had a full on training system that was so push-button easy that all you had to do was click a few things and write a few things and ta-da you have the instant formula, wouldn’t that be sweet? Well, unfortunately those systems don’t work nor does a real one exist like that. But what if you could stumble upon a “training lab” that helped you discover how to use the “Lab” you have in front of you to create that formula? => The lab awaits…. All you have to do is click the link below, and fill in your name and email address to get a copy of this training laboratory. Oh and of course, you have to say, “Igor, It’s Alive!” Cheers, “Aby” P.S. This is a complete Step-by-Step training lab. So follow every instruction, get your goggles and gloves on, and let’s start creating the formula. Break down: This is using pop culture. Subject line: Everyone knows this phrase because everything on TV and movies has ripped it off, including Scooby Doo! Body: I play straight off the Subject line and remind them that they have heard the quote and where from! More importantly I weave my message of “heartache” of the Dr. into their personal lives. Comparing the tough times the Dr. faced against the “world” and how maybe they are going through the same struggle. (Instant bond). Closing: This is something that works as a hit and miss, your close of an email should end with your name or pen name. Why? Constant reminder of whom you are.Also the P.S. area should always be there, utilize it as a way to reiterate your story’s points and give them a solution. Links: People screw up here and I did too. I never make my links obvious anymore because using the link as a “solution” to their problem and highlighting the key or power words, it forces them to click out of curiosity. Final Gem:Remember to use this format when in doubt… Fear – Real fear like “the economy is bad” not “do this or else I’ll kill you” Power – Show you are in control. Freedom – Give people the solution and freedom from their problem(s).]]>

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