Best Ways To Monetize Your Mobile Apps or Games

1. In-App purchases Probably the most successful way of monetizing that can convert in tons of cash if you seriously think through the items users would like to buy in a game, as well as how and at what stage to present them.

2. Power ups and their upgrades

These may be new weapons or tools, clothes or any other essential items users might need to unlock in the process of playing. You can have an absolutely free game that will monetize solely by offering these items. It’s a great idea to develop new items for every new game level and remember the more items the better.

3. Make use of the pause screen

If a user pauses in the middle of the game, chances are he lost interest want to leave. It would be pretty smart to use your pause screen to encourage users to download your other games/apps.

4. Special offers

Offer users discounts for purchasing a batch of items and make your special offers time-limited, this way users will more likely spend money. Remember that sales and promotions not only work in real world, they’re also huge in the apps.

5. In game cross promo

It’s a great idea to offer user a new game the moment he sees a “Game over” screen. The right cross promotion can yield in a lot of revenue, but you’ll have to pay attention to the form of your offer: make sure the popup ad is noticeable and its design is compatible with the one in your app.

6. Social integration

Games with real social connectivity are huge traffic gainers, and more traffic always means more conversions. By sharing game results on their favorite social media users attract their friends to compete, and obviously competition means spending more. Add Twitter and Facebook buttons right into the game’s menu to show how easy it is to use them. Also it’s a great idea to increase your rankings by offering users freebies for liking your Facebook page or following you on Twitter.

7. Freebies

If you’re able to determine sticking points in your game, try to motivate users to keep playing by giving them free currency or any other useful bonuses to make them continue. To make the process even more exciting, come up with a nice story behind each gift. Also consider instead of simply giving the currency to teach users, where to find it, so they knew where to go, when they really want to pay for something.

8. Speed up or Automate

Almost every game has a so called “loop”, where the user has to wait until something gets done (building, cooking, etc.). Offer them to speed up the process for little money, and you’ll see how big the conversion will be. Also, if there’s a monotonous process in the game, when users have to keep tapping the screen to achieve something, offer them an automated tool to do that (e.g. a machine gun instead of constant tapping).

9. Out of game goodies

These are probable the easiest items you can make and they can monetize big time, so think about creating and selling game-themed wallpapers, lock screens, music from the game. The right time to do this would be after the game is over, if the user enjoyed the game he will likely want to purchase something like that. There’s also a bunch of other aspects that won’t translate into direct sales, but will create a positive image about your game and make it more usable and fun, which after all is the main point of all this. Here they go:
  •  develop a minimalistic user interface that won’t distract user from the game
  • include a tutorial into your game, teaching users how to unlock items or par for power ups, etc. This will dramatically boost your monetization and reduce the number of bad reviews.


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