My Best Weekend Gateways Around Delhi

This is my travel-log for one of the best weekend gateways around Delhi, where you can plan a short weekend trip whether that’s a road trip or you simply just want to go nearby Delhi for a one day trip you can visit for a “Digital Detox”

Let’s be frank. Delhi’s air pollution is at all time high at the moment. And then, the city life really sucks the life out of us. When we are daunted by the daily routine that every person in a metro city complain about.

But, how many times do we actually take a break and then go out, stay in the nature, and get the mobile phones, laptops, and all the gadgets we have in our arsenal and just take a short break?

I believe as part of few of the key human needs. One of them is creating consistent variety in your life.

You can do that. Either, by changing your routine, socializing with friends over the weekends, go watch a movie or find some creative ways through which you can lighten up your day.

But, it’s a must to atleast take a short break for 3-4 days every 90 days. So, that you can rejuvenate and get the CHARGE back in your life.

In the past couple of months. I was working my ass off on few of the old projects and some new projects. And it’s been energy sucking for me even though I have tried creating ample of changes in my lifestyle so that I can renew myself, very often.

Recently, during this time. I was suggested by a friend of mine to visit this weekend gateway destination near Delhi.

So, I planned out a corporate offsite near Delhi along with my team members to simply, relax, detox, journal and go out stay in the woods. This trip was not only meant to give me my sanity back. But, also to connect with my team members. Talk about other things that we never talked about in office. And also, to go out into the wild and get myself energize back again before begin thinking about the things we had scheduled for a new project we were soon launching.

Though, if you have been my blog reader before. You might have realized I am not one of those travel bloggers, per se. And I don’t formally put any sort of content which doesn’t resonate with my audience. But, I had to write this review about this place near Delhi. That’s because in this post I am going to be highlighting some of my learning take-aways, along with give you a log of my experience which not only change the way I have been thinking about work & life balance. But, also allow you to give a new perspective about WHY you need to travel and sometimes, simply take an off from your regular routine.

So, most of the people ask me.

Why, take a short break?

Well, when you go out and cut your regular routine’s daily patterns. You not only learn to connect with your innate desires of connecting with the nature again. But, it also allows you to realize the importance of staying present, and feel the moment.

Sometimes we are so stuck in our regular city life. That we forget to clear our regular roadblocks that slows us down. Who are you at home, in your professional life, when you meet new people, when in a deep relationships has an internal co-relation with whether you are in tune with yourself.

And that’s why I suggest you take a short break to a place which not only is secluded from the regular city, small town or anything close to that kind of lifestyle. That’s because till the time you don’t detach yourself from this same pattern that has been going on since a while. You never realize how the life could be in some other part of the country.

What should I do, when I take a weekend gateway?

Well, there are so many things that you can do when you are traveling for a weekend short trip in the mountains.

Here’s few suggestions I have for you:

  1. Detach yourself from gadgets’et all – laptops, cell phones, iPod, I mean. Any kind of gadget what so ever.
  2. Go for a walk, go trekking
  3. Do some exercise, meditation, Yoga
  4. Do adventure activities into the woods. So, many activities can be planned out well in advance, like burma bridge, flying fox, river crossing, bird watching, rope balancing, etc. Incase, you are looking for an adventure activities camp in Himachal, I suggest look at CampRoxx. Really, they have some amazing expert trainers who safely guide you and advance you into a real hard core level, adventurer in the mid of a pine forest!
  5. Talk to your friends, family, or team. No matter, whoever you travel. You need to really spend some time connecting with people on a deeper level. Not, like how non-focused our conversations revolve around, when we live a regular city life.
  6. Go for a Road Trip near by the place you are staying. It’s really amazing going out into new places, talking to local people around that area. And then, getting some new perspectives, about new places, new people and their way of living.
  7. Go take a swim in near by water streams. Go take a cold shower (for 30-60 seconds). Go take a hot water bath. This really helps getting your body feel ALIVE again!
  8. Join Team Building Activities that includes ice breakers and several such activities that allows you to bring more closeness along with your co-workers, friends and family members.
  9. Simply, relax. Gaze the skies, go into the woods for a long walk. And be yourself. Feel the mother nature.

Let me tell you about my favourite place to visit near Delhi, after a busy weekday…

You see I am sick of the same old, commercialised, regular offsite locations like Rishikesh, Manali, Shimla and you know what I mean these kinds of places. We mostly spend time either in the hotel rooms, or going into the markets or simply end up with a drunken existence with our “dear” friends.

That’s one of the reasons. Why, I am always on the lookout for a secluded, eco-friendly, low on budget, hygienic but not that well known destinations near by Delhi NCR.

Even though I have been to so many places that fall into this criteria. But, recently as I told you earlier. I have been to this place named, Camp Roxx.

Now, the beautiful thing about this location is that it’s an premium adventure camp in the mid of a dense pine forest near Nahan in Himachal Pradesh. For some who travel with their for having a company offsite or corporate training programs. The experience will be non less then UBER awesome.

This time of the year when its about to be the end of this year. I found myself getting attracted to this place because of the all aforementioned reasons above.

This place had the following facilities & amenities in place:

• Accommodation in cottages of 10×12 ft. 6 units with attached bathrooms
• Electricity connection available at the camp. Each tent has a connection and plug-point.
• Own stream and pond at the campsite
• 24 hours security arrangement.
• Fully equipped medical kit available.
• Doctor on call 24×7.
• The entire campsite is well lit.
• The campsite is disinfected before the arrival of the group each time.
• 9 separate western style toilets
• 7 separate baths
• Hot, hygienic meals served via buffet system.

Apart from this, the main reason why I was attracted to this place was because of some raving reviews that I found about this place on TripAdvisor.

Then, again this was possibly the nearest adventure campsites near by Delhi which was a less then 7 hours drive. And also the campsite had a very “niche” itinerary that not only included all the meals, accommodations, and complete package. But, also took away the stress for me to be able to get my own time without being worried about how to manage the complete team activities which sometimes becomes a hectic job in itself, rather then a break.

The owner of the property Mr. Sunil Gupta was present at the campsite. And all my team members were enjoyed the bonfire session that we started in the evening.

Though, you won’t find the fancy “tea maker”, LED TVs, flashy deluxe cottages, but their cabins were very hygienic along with well maintained toilets & well managed staff management & hospitality.

If you have been to the so called “famous” hill stations near Himachal. Then, at this place you will miss out the mall roads where people are just colliding with each other. For GOOD!

Then, this adventure camp also got their famous attraction. The two dogs, Leo & Suzie joined by their heard of intelligent other dogs, who always accompany you whenever you go out for a long walk, acting as a guard, protector and lovers that you never found at home.

Quite, frankly. I don’t brag about most of the places that I went out that much. But, if you have been really thinking about taking a short weekend gateway near Delhi within 300kms range. Then, this location has so many things which you won’t ever come to experience as close to this “not so known” place.

Anyways, I might probably hit the bed now and have a peaceful sleep. Thought, this journal entry will motivate you to step out and experience nature’s treat and let you know about my perspective. Why, it’s important to take a short break in this chaotic city life.

NOW, more then ever.

Let me know, if you have any suggestions for places you could recommend where I can have a sane, peaceful, serene time like this. Ever again!

P.S. Are you a music lover? Cool. Then, checkout this event which is also taking place at this place this New Year’s eve. It’s one of the most biggest hill station festival happening in India – SoundTrekk


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