Copywriting Secrets for Social Media Ninjas

When you are posting on Facebook with the intent of enticing people to become a customer or client, following these 8 principles will help you become WAY more effective:

1. Make sure your post is NOT all about you. You don’t want to talk AT them, you have to appeal TO them. Don’t forget the #1 most important thing in Influence and Persuasion – WIIFM. They want to know what’s in it for THEM. They most likely don’t care what’s going on with you as they are too worried about THEMSELVES!

You have to pull at their heartstrings! What is the PAIN and FRUSTRATION they are going through that you are going to solve for them? Work the emotional angle.

2. Copy that runs past the “See More” marker in your post runs the risk of not being seen. If you look at the posts that get the most engagement, they are all just long enough that you don’t have to click “See More” to access the rest of the post. Especially when you are trying to promote something.

That being said, you absolutely CAN run past the “See More” point but you have to REALLY grab their attention in the first couple of sentences to MAKE them want to read more.

3. Best not trying to actually SELL in the post. The biggest job your post has is to get them EMOTIONALLY charged up about their situation NOT being where they want it to be.

Then tell them you have the SOLUTION to their problem and pain – AKA your product/program. It should only be a short explanation at the end telling them what it is and then the link to your program. The copy on the webpage should do the ACTUAL selling as now you have their INTEREST and ATTENTION.

Remember the AIDA marketing formula: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Your post creates the Attention and Interest and the actual sales copy on your sales page causes the Desire and Action.

4. By putting the sales copy on a FB Fanpage instead of your website, you will most likely get more clickthroughs because they don’t have to actually leave Facebook to get there. Just something to think about.

5. You want to add something in there asking THEM a question that will prompt them to make a comment so you get more Edgerank traction which will have you showing up in more potential customers/clients Newsfeeds.

6. When your post is as emotionally compelling as it needs to be and they can relate, when you ask for them to share, they will of course be more naturally inclined to help you by sharing on their timeline.

7. Don’t let the website preview show up at the bottom of the post. You just want the hyperlink to be there at the end of the post. It becomes too distracting and the copy in the post won’t be able to do its job.

8. You can add a small, eye catching picture if you want. Just make sure it isn’t TOO big to overpower the message. And don’t make it a sad or depressing looking picture. That will turn people off from reading your post. Always make it one that invokes interest and positive feelings.

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