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Corporate Leasing is defined as a furnished apartment, condominium or house made available for rent or let on a temporary basis primarily for a distinct period of time. Stribling Hospitality has a flexible number of apartment units that we manage in the NCR. Our extensive transactional and advisory capabilities built on years of experience in commercial as well as residential real estate ensure that the client gets the best suitable option they require.

Although it is similar to hotel, corporate housing or corporate leasing can result in a more private and personal stay. It is often seen that companies that use corporate leasing services save money due to contracting in which the company has its employees stay with a corporate leasing company in exchange for a package deal of lower prices.

It is very easy to go wrong when it comes to corporate housing. There are a lot of things that are needed to be kept in mind when concerning corporate leasing. By determining a client and true occupancy costs, we empower our clients to maximize the value of their real estate investment.

Stribling¬†hospitality has a wide range of real estate services include leasing of office space as well as residential apartments in all prime and sub-prime business districts of NCR region. We understand client’s requirement and help take well informed decision specific to their needs and budget. Due to our deep expertise, we assist our client right from selection of properties to final acquisition. An average corporate housing includes fully furnished kitchens, personalized packages as per your requirements and easy commute to and from the office space.

Over the years, more and more corporate are opting for leasing out apartments or houses rather than staying at a hotel. This is due to the fact that staying in a cramped hotel room on the outskirts of town is not always the best arrangement for business leaders. Most of the corporate leasing options provided by Stribling Hospitality are located in the heart of the NCR region, which eliminates the need for long commutes in unfamiliar surroundings. Finding a regular apartment for rent in NCR may be problematic, but we provide the client who a plethora of options to suit their requirements.

It is presumed that the cost of corporate leasing may be substantially higher than comparable private housing. But the fact of the matter is that it includes lots of utilities and other services which make your stay even more pleasurable. When it is looked from an overall prospective compared to the alternative of long-term leases for a temporary guest then the cost of corporate housing is usually negligible. We at Stribling Hospitality ensure that our corporate client gets the best of both worlds. Our corporate leasing not only provides a homely environment full of privacy but also the services comparable to a star hotel.

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