What’s The Difference Between Hotels & Serviced Apartments

The concept of a hotel and serviced apartments are pretty same, they are meant for people who come to a city on short stay either for leisure purposes or for business. As far as luxury goes, there is only one criterion. It should be first class all the way. But more importantly it is the comfort and ease of living that is the deciding factor for any person’s stay. Although a hotel has immense luxuries that are on offer, still serviced apartments have some benefits of their own.

Every now and then, when a person has to visit a different city for a short period of time, there is a cloud of contention that surrounds them on the issue of hotel vs serviced apartments. Over the years, the balance has been shifting towards serviced apartments as more and more people are opting for a serviced apartment rather than a star hotel. The biggest reason due to which people are more inclining towards serviced apartments is that fact that they provide a homely feeling.

Many hotels pretend that they make you feel at home, with quotes like, “We have the facility required to make you truly feel at home”. But the fact of the matter is that who has got a home without a kitchen, a living room or washing and drying facilities. We at Stribling Hospitality define that line between a homely environment and a hotel room. There might not be any misinterpretation if we said that the serviced apartments of Stribling Hospitality are in fact a hotel that provides you a homely feeling.

The biggest point of contemplation is the size of the rooms. It is a known fact that the smallest apartments are twice as big as regular hotel rooms or at least as big as a hotel suite. But when we weigh it against larger apartments then there is no comparison.

Everyone wants to live in a well ventilated environment that does not provide the feeling of confinement. In an average hotel you only get a square shaped room with a window, but a serviced apartment gives you that openness and a feeling that you are living in a house rather than just a single room.

The next thing that tilts the bar in favor of a serviced apartment is the pricing. If a person is coming along a family or friends that the money that they have to shell out for having a decent star hotel is more or same as that of a serviced apartment. But when they can get the privacy of a home along with services of a star hotel at the same price, then logic would always favor the service apartments. The serviced apartments give you the best of both worlds. They offer a great alternative to luxurious hotel accommodation by incorporating space, comfort and freedom in different ways than a traditional hotel.

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