How To Extract Business Data & Leads from Google+ Local

Local Extractor.

The Most Advanced Piece of Software for Google+ Local Lead Extraction – HANDS DOWN!

I couldn’t believe how this software automated the task that I & my team have spent countless no. of hours doing! I was like how can someone imagine the exact problem and then create a solution! But, someone did! Local Extractor Pro This piece of software helps find UNLIMITED local businesses which are listed on Google+ Local, provides an inbuilt Free B2B Skype Dialer integrated into the software, and even has an inbuilt sophisticated Business Intelligence tool known as MoneyNode 2.0 based on Node JS which takes the data mining and research on Google+ Local to the next level! I didn’t had to pay my team for their time anymore for spending countless hours into research! I didn’t had to pay list after list to data vendors to provide me with quality & informative data about the companies which we needed to target. I didn’t had to go through any hassle once and for all. It was really a eureka moment for me. And what I am about to discuss in this post, specifically the implications of using this powerful piece of software. You will be surprised, for sure!


Step 1. Find Leads from Google+ Local. Specifically, Google Maps ADVANCED API You have to point the software to the demography where you wish to extract leads from. You can either do that by searching the location anywhere on the planet earth. Select a custom box interface which specifies the area for extracting the Google+ Local leads from. Then, select Google+ Local category. Add custom keywords which are used in Google+ local listing. And voila! The software starts its process. Starts extracting leads….BUT STOP. It now goes to the next level. It basically creates custom SMALL boxes of the same area that you selected. Processes a custom search on Google and then extract even further leads down that particular smaller area. IN SHORT, You get MORE leads which never existed against your bare eyes through each unique searches that you could have possibly made! Step 2. Collect Information on Leads – EVEN DEEPER THEN A HUMAN CAN POSSIBLE DO! As I told you earlier. This software is a beast. It’s a data mining & automation tool which is specialized specifically on Google Maps and businesses which are listed on Google as Google+ Local businesses. It’s the MOST ADVANCED piece of software ever invented. Period. Which allows you to extract, supplements, and exports information from Google Maps. Using the power of its inbuilt MoneyNode 2.0 Business Intelligence Module. The software basically goes out and researches for even more information about the business by visiting each individual listing, going on the website, finding email address & phone numbers, information like which CMS the website is using, is this listing their on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and if their then how many tweets, Facebook likes, FB Talking about, how many Google+ Circles, how many videos are uploaded on YouTube, how many subscribers the channel has, etc. etc. Step 3. Build Custom Filters & Reports What makes this software even more powerful is that it basically allows you to filter your leads which are extracted. Execute a criteria of the kind of leads that you are looking to use. And chuck of the leads which are not relevant. In short,¬†you can use collected intelligence information gathered by this software & then select only those businesses which are inside the criteria of your targeted leads and STOP wasting your time on ‘prospects’ that don’t even need your services. Step 4. Export Leads to Sales CRM System – Voila! It’s really that easy once you get a hang of this software. You no more have to sit, and individually copy-paste any data, nor do you need to spent hours & hours of your time researching more about the leads which normal software extracts for you to research on. And makes you go far & far ahead in terms of giving you information about these particular businesses then even the Biz Owners themselves!

Here are some BASIC features of this software:

  1. This software allows you to automate searching for larger areas on Google Maps, and at the same time search for multiple areas!
  2. The software geometrically creates a drag-net which allows it to search smaller & even smaller areas until Google Maps runs out of leads. THATS WHY – When I say their are even more businesses on Google+ Local then we actually think their are!
  3. Goes out on all the web properties found in Google+ Local and then even deeper on each website & other web properties – Finding email addresses from all these sources!
  4. Basic Product & Sales Campaign Management Feature – Inbuilt into the software
  5. Find all web & social media properties – Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Google+ pages, Yelp, Manta, etc. Even an option to add these properties manually if the software is not able to find itself.
  6. Amazing List Scrubbing Functionality – Different filters which can be set according to our own needs
  7. THE MOST POWERFUL – Business Intelligence collection & filtering capabilities
  8. View each lead’s web properties, mobile websites, etc. from within the software individually
  9. Option to auto-dial numbers from Skype – which acts as an automated dialer from within the software
  10. You can take call notes, and heck, even product orders if you have an order form URL set within the software for particular product campaigns.
  11. Qualify & extract your filtered leads. And then option to extract & export these leads in CSV file format. Allowing you to directly importing/synchronizing with your selected CRM of choice.
  12. Comes with 100+ pages of documentation plus video tutorials which explain each and every powerful feature the software allows you to use
  13. Free/Paid Proxy Server Support – Allowing you to scale and utilize this software 24 by 7. You don’t have to worry about your IP getting banned on Google for so many searches in short period of time.

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