Furnished & Serviced Apartments in Saket on Short Term & Long Term Rental

Saket is famous for its upmarket residential areas and these serviced apartments in Saket that we present to you are one amongst the league of this posh lifestyle. These 2BHK apartments, built in 1100sqft, this space can definitely be a fine place for you to reside in when in Delhi. Whether it is work or fun that brings you to the city, these apartments can be relied upon for the most comfortable and homely residential experience. The place has a beautiful living room, which has a separate section for the dining area. This is a glass separation which gives the place an even more sophisticated feel. Besides this, there are two spacious bedrooms that have attached bathrooms, a balcony and a modular kitchen to its credit. The living room: The living cum dining room is decorated according to the general tastes and likes of people. It has classy dark wood furniture. It is centrally air conditioned and has indoor plants and carpets to increase its aesthetic value. A gorgeous leather sofa sits in the living room, together with a centre table to match. Besides this, there is a Sony HD LCD and a DVD player here to keep you entertained on your stay here. These furnished apartments in Saket also have a 6-seater dining table complete with a cabinet that is meant for the storage of glass utensils. The bedrooms and the bathrooms: There are two gorgeously built bedrooms in this residence and they both have attached bathrooms. The rooms are spacious and have comfortable beds placed in them to help you relax well after a tiring day. There is a two seater sofa for extra seating. There are large cupboards in each of the bedrooms, for the right sort of storage facility. The dressing area is great in order to help you dress up for any occasion! The bathrooms are also equally splendid and furnished with the best bath fittings. The separate glass panel for shower, and the tiles, all spell class and luxury. The bathrooms in these furnished apartments in Saket are also well ventilated making it possible for the fresh air to get in. Kitchen:                                                                                                     The kitchen area is well equipped with the best accessories, in order to help you create yummy meals here. A double door fridge, double granite glazed counter, two sinks, gas with four burners,  extra cylinders, electric chimney and cooker, kettle and so on. All utensils that you are going to require to cook and serve food are also available. One can easily make delicious food herewith the help of these common day amenities. The kitchen is modular and this adds to the class of the place. Services: There are a number of other services available in these serviced apartments in Saket. These range from housekeeping and caretaker. There is intercom facility and Ro Water purifier also available besides the homely atmosphere that is generated in these serviced apartments in Saket. All you need to do is choose according to what you fancy! Let Us Help You Find The Right Apartment in Saket Area! Are you tired of dealing with un-professional property brokers? Do you want to leave the work of finding an exactly the same type of apartment that you have been dreaming of living in Saket Area? Do you want professionals who know what suits you best and make sure they have the best interest in finding exactly the same kind of apartment for you? If yes, feel free to get in touch! Call +919999991588 today and let us help you find the right apartment for you in Saket Area. We have a highly qualified team of real estate professionals who can help you right now! We have different units around the area which are vacant right now. Ranging from Studio Apartments to 1BHK/2BHK/3BHK/4BHK Apartments available for Short Term/Long Term Rentals around Saket whether furnished/unfurnished/serviced apartments right this very moment.]]>

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