Get Premium Furnished, Rental & Serviced Apartments in Shanti Niketan

Rental Apartments in Shanti NiketanShanti Niketan is among the luxurious residential areas of New Delhi. It is situated in south Delhi and provides you with an apartment which is comfortable, lavish and safe to live in. Most of the Rent Apartments in Shanti Niketan, have three bedrooms, one drawing room, one dining room, a small study area, an open kitchen, four bathrooms, and a servant quarter. In addition to this, two balconies with an open terrace garden are also there. The best thing about these Rent Apartments in Shanti Niketan is that these are available at an affordable price. So, once you decide to reside in these apartments, your wish for dream home will surely get fulfilled. Easy accessibility, nearby markets, malls, hospitals, schools, colleges etc; make this place the most convenient one to live in. Moreover, life here is very quiet and peaceful and you would find a suitable atmosphere here too to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Rent Property in Shanti Niketan is known for its full furnished facilities. It is mostly the diplomats and other wealthy people of our society who prefer to live in these apartments. After all, these are a mark of elegance, luxury and comfort. Apartments for Rent in Shanti Niketan, are highly capable of providing you with all the facilities that you look for your dream home. Bedrooms: Specifically built up for the high profile people, these deluxe Apartments for Rent in Shanti Niketan are embedded with all the latest facilities. Bedrooms are huge enough and have an attached bathroom and a balcony. You would generally find a dressing room in each of the bedrooms with a designer cupboard for your wardrobe. The flooring and furnishings flaunt a classy look with elegance and style on the front. Bathrooms: When a bathroom is a perfect place to pamper your body, mind and soul; all the Rent Apartments in Shanti Niketan have luxurious bathrooms with modern fittings and fixtures. The flooring and walls have been adorned with Italian tiles and there are imported shower enclosures to let you bath in style. For ventilation, a suitable make-up air system and for hot water, an automatic geyser is already fixed. Kitchen: When the trend is of open kitchens today, you have to do a lot more efforts to keep your kitchen neat and clean. To minimize your burden, the Apartments for Rent in Shanti Niketan are available with modular storage techniques. There is a chimney to reduce the odor and humidity from the kitchen and each one of them opens to fresh air. Drawing room: When every rental property in Shanti Niketan covers an area of almost 600sq. yards, the drawing room is a huge place to accommodate a large number of your guests. The furniture here is all contemporary with traditional décor. So, it brings you a mixed feeling of our Indo-western culture. Decoration lightings have been put up to bring a lively effect. Dining room: With an eight chair dining table, a cabinet for electronics and glassware, the dining room of these apartments is again spacious and stylish. There is a bar area also attached to the dining room, so that you can enjoy drinks along with your meals. Are you looking for a rental, luxury fully furnished or serviced apartments in Shanti Niketan? If yes, then tell us about your move! Rental property Delhi will help you to find the right apartment, flat or house as per your requirement for FREE! Contact us for excellent service and enjoy space, privacy – Book now! Call us at +91 9999991588 / +91 9999991588, Email: [email protected]]]>

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