Google Formula for Local SEO

A lot of information has been published concerning Local business listings and local SEO, however, many have not gone in-depth to explain why certain strategies are implemented. Getting a lasting ranking in the SERPS requires a solid foundation especially as regards local businesses. One of the goals of my coming articles is to help you gain a solid foundation on the SERPS as well as achieve the above formula. To do that, you need to follow these three simple steps called the Three Cs and the other tips offered in my coming articles. So pay attention to the coming updates. Getting this right will make achieving the Google formula easy.

So, coming back to the Three Cs:

  1. Complete and carefully selected Google+ Local Page and Google + profile elements such as images, videos, details and categories. Fill them all out completely.
  2. Consistency of NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across a wide array of citations Ensure the Name, Address and Phone number of the business is the same as the physical one. Do not use a call centre number or Tracking number. Call tracking numbers are numbers provided by companies for paid search advert. They are used to track the number of calls or inquiries generated during a campaign. While this may be good, tracking numbers usually shows up differently from a company’s normal number. This is bad for citation purposes because you want to make sure your NAP is consistent across the web. In order words, your business data will show up with different contact numbers for the same location. This can be confusing. Your reviews and citation efforts will be affected.
  3. Crawlable NAP on the associated Places landing page and business web site. This implies using hcard to markup your business address.

Interestingly, most business owners have not been able to fulfill these listed fundamentals as such they get slapped by Google and other search engines now and then. Plus the dreaded duplicate listings that crop up from bad information data. This is your opportunity to do what others are taking for granted and get more value for your clients.

In my next article, I will cover How to Optimize Your Places or Google+ Local Listing

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