What’s The Difference Between Hotels vs Guest Houses?

The lines of distinction between a hotel industry and the guest house market are blurring. They both are based on a same principal to provide a temporary adobe to a person. The working of a hotel and that of a guest house are also pretty same. They both are meant for people who come to a city on short stay or a substantial longer stay either for leisure purposes or business. But there is a huge difference between the management, services and the expenditure that is incurred on either.

Every now and then, a person has to make a decision while visiting another city, to either choose a hotel or a guest house. Over the years the requirements of general population has been shifting towards a homely environment that truly feels like a home. Although hotels have been stating the facilities that ensure that you feel like living in home away from home, the reality is that each and every hotel room feels exactly the same no matter which part of the globe you are in.

A guest house is basically a house that has all the services and facilities comparable to a star hotel. As the name suggests it is like living as a guest in a house of another person. Along with the owner of the house, it also has the staff to take care of all your needs. Stribling hospitality has a well trained staff that does not let you miss the luxuries that come along with the services of a star hotel. There is also a common living room that is incorporated in the guest house where the guest can sit and socialize with other people. They tend to be cozier and one has the opportunity to get accustomed to the culture and locality.

One of the most important things that distinguish a hotel from a guest house is the overall ambiance. Each and every hotel room tend to be exactly the same and a person sometimes feel like trapped inside a room. A guest house has a feeling of spaciousness as the person feels like living in a big house rather than a single room. With services like kitchen, a living room or washing and drying facilities a person feels like living in a home away from home.

The biggest factor that makes a guest house always a best bet for a person who is on a longer stay to a city is the expenditure. The guest houses of Stribling Hospitality often tend to be cheaper as compared to comparative hotels. So if a person is able to get a homely environment, along with the services of a hotel at a price point that is very lucrative, then the logic says to go for a guest houses.

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