How to “lock-in” recurring sales…

That is a potent strategy and it works with both software and information products.

Here’s another version of this strategy. This diagram is from 2007/08.

Step 1: Free Trial. Login to PayPal and look at their “subscription” payments screen. Set the trial price to $0 and set the trial period to 30 days or 1 month. Set your price. (Sneaky tip: raise your “public” price by 25%. You’ll see why below in step 4.)

*** (Use an exit pop to catch people who leave without taking action and offer a ‘Lite Version’ for free. To get them back into the loop!)

Step 2: Deliver the first installment of the product.

Step 3: Deliver the stick letter. This could go out immediately after they sign up. Or you can send it out the next day… with an unannounced bonus attached.

Step 4: On the third day… send them to a special offer page with one of those countdown timers. Make them this offer:

  • Sign up within the next ten minutes and you can lock in a discount rate forever. (Note to vendor: The discount rate is your real rate. The price set in step 1 minus 25%.)
  • You will also be upgraded to the advanced version. This is not available anywhere else… only with this offer. The advanced version does “blah, blah, blah.” (Note to vendor: Something amazing that makes it hard to refuse the offer.)
  • As an elite member, you are entitled to earn 75% recurring commission. (Note to vendor: This is the kicker!)

Step 5: Of course, the upgrade offer isn’t free. Send them to a page where they can make the payment and deliver the product.

Step 6: Don’t forget to send another email to tell the people who upgraded to cancel their initial trial subscription by logging into their PayPal account.


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