How To Build & Grow Your Email List for Product Launches & Marketing

1. Join Forums Search for forums & community which are part of your industry and most of your audience engages online. Post valuable & great content by adding some value to the discussion which people are having. And after two to three weeks of enough postings, start including your link to your squeeze page within your signature.

2. Write articles

Start writing articles on topics which your niche is interested in & start asking your readers to join your email list by redirecting them towards your squeeze pages. You can also add opt-in boxes at the end of blog posts which provides them with further information, or a free report, or any such incentive to opt into your email list.

3. Setup a Twitter Account

Once done, start finding out people in your niche who are already having a good following on Twitter & are the influencer in your industry. Start interacting with them, retweet their content, start engaging into conversations with them & their followers, once you start building up a good relationship you can sometimes start pointing them towards your squeeze page from time to time.

4. Setup a Facebook Account

Setup a facebook fanpage, grow your friends & start providing free material to your friends & fans on both the account & your fanpage. Occasionally, point people across your squeeze page & ask them to subscribe.

5. Use PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing

Start campaigns on Paid Ad Networks such as Google AdWords, Bing or Facebook and start driving traffic on your blog which provides a lot of great, quality and free content which encourages people to join your email list in exchange for a free report or an ebook. Start driving your articles to your squeeze page where people get the chance to get your reports & join your list.

6. Guest Posting

Start finding influential blogs in your industry after building enough expertise & trust by posting content on your blogs and other places. Once you are done, start someone in your niche to post a free blog post on particular topics of your industry which is useful to bloggers audience. In exchange, simple ask for a backlink to your squeeze page which gets you traffic directly to build your email list of like minded audience.

7. Create Videos

Start producing short videos & post them on YouTube. You can also multiply your efforts by posting the same video to multiple video hosting websites using TubeMogul or Traffic Geyser which can widely distribute your video content to multiple video websites in one go. Write a good description and add your squeeze page URL right itself in the video or on the video landing pages which drives traffic to your squeeze page. NOTE: Videos are far easier to rank for competitive keywords in comparison with text or any other type of content.

8. Create A Report or Short Ebook

You can create a free short report or a valuable piece of short ebook which you can then start asking someone in your industry to giveaway for free as a compliment to a product they sell, or into your email list. In this short report, provide a backlink to join your email list via your squeeze page and start building high-quality email list.

9. Sell Your Products

Go to forums & community and find out what are the common questions & problems people keep on asking about, what are their needs, whats the solution that will resolve their issues. Once, you are done with this kind of research. Create a very low priced product & start selling it. On your product download page, add an option for people to subscribe to your list for updates, bonus material or other such type of add magnet. You can get a chance to build a very responsive list like this.


You can create this low priced product & give away 100% commission to all your affiliates. This is how you build up a list of buyers in your email list very quickly. Your affiliates & JV Partners are happy with their commissions which they make of the conversions. In exchange, you get to sell products & your services in the backend. This is how strategic marketers make money. They have longer vision. They understand the value of free vs paid buyers list. i.e. atleast 15k much better then having free optin subscribers. I have a list of 22 other ways on how you can grow your list exponential. But, the information is too exclusive for this blog post. Hence, subscribe below and get the list of 32 ways to grow your email list, right into your inbox. P.S. Lesson to be learnt right here itself 😉]]>

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