How To Design A Product That Customers Absolutely Crave

The difference between each products

When you have killer products, you attract world class affiliates. And when you have world class affiliates promoting your stuff, you can piggy back off their skill, build a gigantic database (from their work), and thenleverage that for years into the future. All you need is ONE KILLER PRODUCT. I will explain exactly how to go about doing this. You can do this in any market, even if you know nothing about it. It all starts with a list of bullet points. Make a list of all the competitors in the market. Make a table of their main selling points, their unique advantage. Then look at the bullet points in their salesletters and add that to your list. Next, look through the entire list and pick out the top 10 to 20 “features” or promises the competition are promoting. When you have that, you restate the list in your own words. When that is done, pick out ONE thing that stands out head and shoulders above everything else, and use that as the focal point of a salesletter. Now write a salesletter as you normally would. You need to write a finished, polished salesletter – ready to go online. Complete with graphics, formatting, etc. It should be the best you can produce… you must really sell it. YOU must want to buy that product when you read the salesletter. When you are done, print out the salesletter and set it aside for a day or so. When you’ve had some time away from it, read the printed salesletter with a pen and go through it. If you are happy with the salesletter… and you are convinced that you wouldspend money on that product… you can start developing the product. Here’s what you do next. Start a mind map and use the bullets as branches. I use Mindjet or awhiteboard. You can then flesh out the mind map by adding more points to the different branches. An information product will start to form right before your eyes.This will give you an outline for an eBook, a video course, or an audiocourse.


This would be the fastest way to turn your mind map into a sellable product that you can sell for a reasonably high price. You can record the entire product on your PC with a program like Audacity (


Video has the highest perceived value. You can use something like a flip camand record yourself presenting the mind map. If you don’t mind doing anextra bit of work, you can make a PowerPoint presentation and use screenrecording software to record yourself presenting the stuff from the mindmap.

Manual or eBook

Mindjet will let you export the mind map to a Word file where you can cleanit up. Many customers actually prefer a printed document over video because they are easier to reference. The problem is that it needs to be written, and writing = hard work. If you don’t like to write, then you can get a ghost write off odesk to do it foryou. It should take a few days if you give them a mind map. You will find that many of these ghost writers are excellent researchers, so they willactually add value to the ideas that you already came up with.]]>

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