How to Guarantee Your Success with Information Products

Here’s how to know FOR SURE that you WILLmake money BEFORE you spend any time creating a product. This is something that everyone involved in “info product” marketing…including affiliates… should know. (There are two tactics, both are perfectly legal.) Tactic No. 1 Write a salesletter and send traffic to it and see if you can get people to buy.If people buy, simply refund the purchase then put your promotion onpause. Then create the product as quickly as you can.If you’re doing an info product, you can either write it yourself (see my speed product section later), or you can get someone else to create it for you and split the money.Or, you can simply buy out the rights to someone else’s products and reposition it in the market. Tactic No. 2 Same as above, but instead of selling the product, you collect opt-ins at the point where people would fill out the order form. You can then put up a “temporarily out of stock” graphic and forward those leads to someone else through your affiliate link. But you have to presell the other guy’s product… “We are not currently selling the ‘Forex Powerbot 2000′, but I recommendyou check out Forex Megadroid. Megadroid has given us a steady 11% increase per month for the last 18 months. It is the most consistent bot onthe market at the moment after Forex Powerbot 2000.” It doesn’t matter if you don’t make affiliate sales. If you are getting opt-ins then it means there is interest and you can go ahead and develop the product.  ]]>

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