How to leverage the work of traffic ninjas online

If you don’t have at least one product on Clickbank, then you are missingout big time.Forget about the money. You can use clickbank strategically to build your business so you have customers to sell stuff to for years… and easy accessto stuff you can sell.

Let me say that again…

Other people will build your database. Once you have a database, you select things off clickbank and sell it to the people on your database.

Massive potential.

And the best part is that you only need ONE product that has a good ranking in its category in the Clickbank Marketplace.

You can either create it, buy the rights to it, get someone else to create itand split the profit… or give them all of the front end profits as long as youcan control the list.

I think the concept is pretty easy to understand.

Your clickbank marketplace rank is determined by sales volume and thenamount of affiliates who are promoting your products.

The more affiliates you get, the more sales you make.

And the more sales you make, the higher your ranking. And the higher your ranking, the more affiliates you get, etc, etc… An endless cycle.

I like to break big goals down into small chunks which can be repeated. Let’s say that you need to make 50 sales per day to get a top five ranking inyour category. What if those 50 sales could be shared by 10 different products? Each product would only need 5 sales each per day.

This is where the trick comes in.

Clickbank allows you to add a number of products to your account as a merchant. The problem is that those are treated as separate products.

The solution is to use a script called easyClickMate (

This script is ace. If I was starting out and had $200 to my name, this wouldbe the very first thing I’d get (along with a clickbank account).

I would immediately start working my butt off to create products or acquire the rights to products and add those products to it. And then gradually startutilizing other marketing channels.

I reckon you could go from zero to a few thousand dollars a month in 5 or 6 weeks by doing just that. If you did that you’d be able to replace your fulltime income within a half a year and then take it easy (i.e. work 5 hours a week or less to maintain your level of income).

This program allows you to “power up” one flagship product by selling loads of (unlimited) products on the same clickbank account.

To clickbank, it looks as if you’ve got one product that’s selling like mad andyou will see your product shoot up the rankings.

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