How to make $10 per month for each name on your email list …

And how to build a list of super eager people in a few weeks. Opt-in pages are NOT as effective as the strategy I use to get people onto my list. I will show you two tactics I use every day… I have a number of tactics that have worked for years. The first one is to simply put an opt-in box on a landing page WITHOUT any text. All of the “work” happens off site and points people to my domain. This works brilliantly for article marketing – if you are going to submitquality articles to places like ezinearticles. Conversion rates are pretty low in markets like IM, Forex, or stuff for the PUA crowd because people have been bombarded with every trick in the book. The promise of getting a free report or 7-day course in return for an opt-in address is not compelling enough. What I have been doing instead is to position the “free report” (opt-in bait)as a legitimate product. With a salesletter, an order form, the works. The important thing is that people have to go through an ordering process through my shopping cart. You can either set the price to $0.00… or, set the price to something like $39.95 or $97, depending on your market, and then give people a coupon to remove the price. The shopping cart then automatically puts people onto your aweber list. You can do this with 1shoppingcart, e-junkie ($5 a month!), and fantasos. Don’t bother with infusionsoft. The all in one aspect is nice, but the email delivery is really pathetic… If you don’t know which one to use, go with e-junkie because it works flawlessly with aweber and clickbank. The real secret to creating a buying frenzy… Do you know how to get 300 people to send you $197 in a matter of minutes? I’ll show you how… you can use this to generate cash windfalls anytime you want. And best of all, you can do this with as little as 20 to 50 visitors per day. You don’t need torrents of traffic to make good money online. If you are getting small amounts of traffic like that, then it is better to focus on getting people onto your list first and establishing some rapport and buildup reciprocity before you sell stuff. The key is to follow up consistently with content. No pitches until at least the 5th email. When you have 500 names on your list, you can run a few mini launches (the cooker). Obviously the bigger the list the better this will work. The cooker works because you are creating a limited window of opportunity to get your product. The cooker This works over a weekend. I’m not going to tell you how well this works. You have to do it. Here’s how it works… The big idea: You are going to create “Windows of opportunity” for people to buy your product. What to do: Send out an email the Friday before the sale. Send people to the actual salesletter… but don’t make the order buttons active. People will tend to go to the salesletter several times over the weekend and convince themselves that they NEED to buy what you are selling. Read the article on this website again to find out how I create “impossible to refuse” offers. Then on Monday, make the order buttons live. Works every time! “Blackhat” Twist: Ok, I’m going to give you two ideas to think about. People always laugh when I tell them this… but you have to try it to see how effective it is. Black hat Twist #1 The first tactic is to put a LOCKED file right on the sales page. So people can download the file without sending money or getting onto a list. However, they cannot open the file without a password… which you will sell on the Monday morning. This simple trick teases the hell out of your prospects. (But use it with care and use it sparingly). You can use a regular ZIP file… or you can use eBook pro. (You will need1shoppingcart to deliver the eBook pass codes if you go with eBook pro) Black hat Twist #2 Delay the launch without notice… until Tuesday. 😉 Ok, that’s all I’m giving away for free.You have to give it a shot. Summary 1. Find a problem to solve 2. Find someone to solve it 3. Find someone with a list and do a deal 4. Build your list (by capturing leads from your JV partners) 5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 over and over and over and promote that to your list. 6. Don’t forget to recycle your traffic by getting the folks on your list to become your affiliates.]]>

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