How to Make Yourself Twice As Productive

Here are my brief tips on how to get more done in less time using simple and strict rituals on a daily basis to counter distraction, eliminate interruptions and be more productive NOW:

– Set hard deadlines
– Automatise your skills -> Implement a system that works subconsciously
– Schedule first 3 hours of each day for “State of Flow” and don’t allow any interruptions at all
– State of Flow: High competency & speed
– Pick most important & urgent tasks for SoF; group similar tasks together; after 3 hours of SoF it doesn’t matter what we do, because we already worked more than usual
– Do NOT check email, mail, internet, other distractions etc.
– only true breaks are allowed (eating fruit, watch nature, etc.)
– When we go to a restaurant we often don’t know what to order because of too much choice
-> For each task only have a few choices to pick from (3-5) where each should have a favourable outcome -> From here we can pick randomly (flip a coin, draw a straw etc.)
– Give yourself only 60 sec. for 90% of decisions in life
– Intelligence vs. Experience: Experience is always better; it sharpens our intuition
– make decisions -> Experience -> Make better decisions -> Better Experience etc.
– Use “Must get done list” instead of “To Do List”; use also “Things I’d like to do today list”
– Create list + make plans for the day the night before, don’t use computer for it, use paper & pen
– Schedule tasks wisely: Example: Tiring tasks in the evening, creative tasks in the morning
– Use Parkinson’s Law: Write times for finishing a task on our “Must get done list”
– Get a good role model and copy his postures, tone of voice,etc to create a mental picture of ourselves being in the same state of confidence or productivity
– Or: Use own experiences
– Use visual, auditory & kinaesthetic modalities. Remember an instant where we were productive or confident & use the modalities for a future task
– Time Distortion: Make mental movies about a task where we do the task slowly, but everything else around us happens fast -> To make hours seem like minutes
– No pondering during profit hours. Non-profit hours: Where we aren’t working
– Plan in advance -> Never think about what should get done next
– Thinking, planning, Ideas, Improvements, Goals -> DO DURING NON-PROFIT HOURS
– Profit Hours -> Action, Action,Action
– More technology -> More communication -> More information -> More choices -> More confusion
– Wrong cliche: Knowledge is power
– Correct: Applied knowledge is powerful! Sometimes even “lack of knowledge” is power.
– People (Experts) give off stupid knowledge -> Example: “Drill into ground to find oil? You’re crazy!”
– Too much information (nowadays)
– Info Overload solved: Study to Action Ratio – 1:1 ; Never study longer than taking action!
– Many people in the self-help community don’t get that
– We learn more from taking action, so we need to improve 1:1 ratio bit by bit to get to a 1:16 ratio

Little Time-management tweaks

– Check mail every 2 weeks, make bills automatic withdrawals
– Use Roboform, Editplus & Gmail to full extent
– Don’t answer the phone, don’t check voicemail
– Shopping: Buy in bulk -> Saves money and time
– Get gas to 100% full; don’t stop for gas unless almost empty
– Make observations from own behaviour and tweak it
– Rule of Thumb: Never take more than 1 page of notes from a webinar (only high priority items)

– Doing basic fundamentals 8 times faster is more important than money making techniques

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