It All Starts with How You Think

Ideas have consequences.
If you don’t like the consequences you’re experiencing in life, examine the ideas in your head.
Anyone with minimal experience can point you in the general direction of success.
The world is full of people experiencing success on a respectable level.

But what makes up the difference between an average player and a Michael Jordan or a David Beckham?

Athletic ability alone?

What makes up the difference between Buffet, Branson, or Jobs and the average business owner?
The ability to read a spread sheet?
The differences are not found in the mechanical abilities but in the processes of thought.
Many people look at affiliate marketing and they see limitations. They don’t REALIZE that’s what they see, but it’s exactly what they see and how they proceed.
I want you to see affiliate marketing the way I see it – I don’t focus on the limitations because I see enormous potential, which seems obvious to me – NOW, which most people do not see.
So, you might be tempted to skip straight to the mechanical and if you did I’d understand . . . but I’d
also call you foolish because without the right paradigm – or with the WRONG paradigm, you will not succeed – not in the way you could.
Something to think upon…

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