Keyword Researcher Review – Google Suggestion Keyword Extraction Tool

Keyword Researcher sometimes seems like a scary keyword research tool to me – just because whenever I told anyone about this tool they thought it was some sort of just another scam. But, frankly. Just buy this tool, alright? And if I am sure if you don’t get convinced it’s your money back! I know you are not convinced as yet, right? So, here’s my review! Well, if you are really out to make money online then you should definitely use this tool. Of course, you should not give a damn about it if you don’t care about keywords et all! For many years I have been using Google’s own keyword research tool, I also tried several tools such as WordTracker, Microsoft Ad Center Intelligence, Market Samurai, etc. Atleast, Google’s Keyword Research Tool and kinds are free. Of course, since its from Google it must be right tool to use, correct? Well, I always believe that sometimes free is worth what you pay for. But, Google always tries to avoid giving us the long tail keywords. I know this because of my own stats, whenever I get any traffic from organic search rankings. I found that every search which was typed in to find my particular websites often have search terms which are either: a. Doesn’t appear in my Google Keyword tool or b. had no searches at all according to Google keyword tool I guess that’s because Google always prefers to not share any details about its long tail searches for most of it keywords. That’s because the tool was always designed for people who want to use there Google Adwords Advertisers who are willing to pay them good money for every relevant keywords. So, just imagine if Google gives us these long tail keywords, they will have less competition and therefore advertisers will have to pay less for the Adwords cost per click. Hence, Google will make less money e.g. bidding for a term like “weight loss for women above 35” will always be cheaper than its main keyword “weight loss” Anyhow… THERE IS A LOOPHOLE! It’s known as Google Suggest. I guess if you already know about it. It shows you suggestions whenever you type something on Google. It tries to suggest an ending term for the keyword that you type. Well, that’s what Keyword Researcher helps you automate this whole process of finding these hidden gems of keywords. And best part is that it’s freakin’ fast, very very fast! At the moment I have dozens of keywords which are cluttered in my desktop folder. So, you must be wondering how it works. Well, it’s a single file downloadable on your computer (Both, Mac & the PC Version). It’s initially a free trial version, no money down. No credit card details. Nada…nothing. Just that the free version is limited to run only through A to M in the alphabet series. But, anyways if you like this tool it’s a cheap one to buy. No monthly retainer or anything. Onetime fee. Once done, you unlock the like from A to M into A to Z! I use this tool every time I am looking for ideas into new niches. Of course, if you are looking for a tool which gives you CPC, no. of searches or the amount of websites competing for the keywords. This tool is NOT THE ONE! You have to use other tools to find out those details. There are very few tools which does that reliably. But, it’s interesting to think about it. For example, if Google suggest is suggesting those kind of keywords to its user it really must be getting atleast some searchers, right? That’s one of the clue to finding out those long tail searches. (Interesting to know that about 60% of all Google searches, before this Google Suggest tool was introduced, were unique) So, How do I use this tool? 1. To find out new niches: I simply through a keyword combination with “*” character in between and then this tool finds me different long tail searches that are there suggested by Google. It lets me know about the broadness of that particular niche. I then find out by some easy searches in posts like website on Wizzley that finds me out how much competition is there in that particular market, along with how much traffic is there more accurately than any other tools. 2. Building out my existing websites: When I get out of ideas in terms of my present website’s content. I quickly through some searches in this tool & explore different long tail searches which are happening in those particular niches which I am targeting. It gives me some really cool long tail keywords which are somehow grammatically correct. Then, I try to use those keywords in my content & try focusing on providing solutions in the content by having a better understanding about my audience & what specific solutions they are looking for. But, frankly. If you really want to achieve top rankings in search engines. There is this ONE SIMPLE APPROACH. Get your keywords in your post title, then try writing a comprehensive & elaborated piece of content that actually covers the full topic in the subject of your market. And once you fill this content with relevant & related long-tail keywords that will target similar terms that your visitors will actually be looking for or interested in. This will really boost your chances of getting traffic from all these long tail keywords. Just imagine, if you knew the long tail keywords in ADVANCE before writing the content. You can expect a lot of traffic from so many related long tail keywords that you have been missing out in a single piece of content! Using this tool is the best possible way to just do that! It’s like results in advance for those who will know how to use it properly! You want relevant terms that will allow you to write about a topic in a very very comprehensive way, won’t you? This is where Keyword Researcher will come in handy! I personally never told anyone to buy a Keyword Research tool as such! I always believed in using common sense and using the simple free tools available at the moment. But, then I bought all the tools including Niche Keyword Finder, FreshKey, and several other tools. But, this tool was no brainer in comparison to its competition. But then, whenever I chose to write on any topic, I had to go on Google type related searches and then find out what kind of keywords did Google suggested in its auto-complete feature. Then, I would have to look at related terms options too. Even Amazon used a similar kind of set-up to suggest products in its search engines. This is another topic to talk about in my later posts. Try it yourself by typing different variations on Google & see for yourself how Google auto-complete every searches. This become even better when I found out about Uber Suggest, which is a free service giving you related terms. It gave you a list of different auto suggested keywords on Google based on the letters of input. But, Keyword Researcher Tool. It took it to the next level! To be honest, I haven’t yet scratched the real core surface of this application yet. But, there is one thing that is for sure. This software pays for itself multiple folds for me. Because when I embed different long tail keywords in any piece of content for any of my “money” sites, it truly hits the unique rankings for keywords that I try to target in SERPs. Not only is that but the kind of ideas & inspiration I get about the kind of content I should be creating unique & insightful. Of course, you follow the Google guidelines. Target keywords in H2’s as sub-headings, full of relevant terms, I truly believing you are helping Google determining that your piece of content is most relevant, making the bots get what they want. A piece of content which covers any topic in details with keyword rich in the kind of unique searches Google itself suggest to its users! This is exactly how you can rank for most amounts of keywords in the least amount of work! Now, frankly. I really gave it a thought as in who would use this Keyword Research Tool? It’s for: 1. Online Marketers who need to get the edge of knowing there market really well. 2. People who need to get better understanding about their market. 3. For those looking for issues, pain points, problems & the solution which your audience is looking forward to solve. 4. For those looking to create solutions about the same insights that you gain AFTER using this tool. Making your content more connected with your audience, more presentable, more accurate and every more meaningful. I see most marketers just stuffing their websites with irrelevant keywords & content which really doesn’t help their audience. But, this tool clears this issue for you. Hence, in conclusion: Download it now & try it for FREE! You got nothing to lose & if it won’t result in giving your loads of long tail keywords that you never even considered using in your content, then even be more surprised!

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