Market Hero Review – Alex Becker's Advanced Email Marketing Software

Market Hero – One of the most advanced Email Marketing Software on the planet, literally… I once heard say this “If you can’t measure your growth metrics in your business. You are being a tactical marketer” – Jay Abraham That’s true and mostly in today’s darn age. Most of the people ignore that. But, whose suppose to be blamed. If you look at it. Most of the tools available right now. Truly, give you clarity on that. But, the real growth metrics are LTV (Long term value of a customer), and what’s your conversion metrics, yada…yada. Now, in this review I want to talk to you guys about Market Hero. Which I believe is one of it’s kind email marketing & auto responder service that takes everything available in the marketplace to the next level. But, before I start reviewing this product. I want to ask you a question? What’s the #1 priority of your business? Think about that for a second… According to what I have learned from over a decade+ more experience in internet marketing. No matter, how much traffic you are getting on your website. It’s really crucial to have a process of collecting leads on your website, and then nurturing those leads by using an auto-follow-up system that builds rapport, trust and relationship with your list so that you can multiple your business by selling them more resonating products & services. In order to get this done. You can try different kinds of marketing automation tools available in the marketplace like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, InterCom, etc. And then to track the conversions of every sale made or even every conversion made. You will have to get some other tools and stitch it together to some other solutions. Market Hero here takes all this confusion away. Not only is it easy to use auto responder service. But, there are some advanced features of this app. That I believe no one has undertaken the challenge to get a software made like this for any marketers whether you are a small business owner, affiliate marketer, product owner or heck you have got nothing to do with the aforementioned. Using Market Hero, you can eliminate using 1000s of dollar costing tools such as ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc. to design your opt-in boxes and landing pages. You can setup your opt-in boxes automatically using Market Hero’s inside features. Even further, you also get LeadBoxes type clickable link boxes that can result to massive growth in terms of your email list. The product has four ways at the moment (and even more added from time to time) that allow you to 8x your ROI no matter what kind of business you operate. Let me tell you’all one by one:

Advanced ROI Tracking System

  • One of the best features about this system is that you it can help find who bought your product/service and mark them using tags integrated in Market Hero. Which in exchange allows you to calculate your total lead value over long term.
  • Every time you send an email to your list. You can re-cookie each of your leads based on your list response. Like people who opened but didn’t click, people who opened the email and clicked, people who opened the email, clicked the link and then bought your product, people who didn’t open your email. Now, from a very simple dashboard which is one of the coolest UI’s I have found ever in any such email marketing system. You can further broadcast emails based on your previous responses. So, let’s say you want to target people who didn’t open your email once you sent a broadcast. No problem, just click the link Unopened subscribers and voila you can create a new broadcast specifically targeting people who didn’t open your email. Then, you can do the same for people who clicked your link in the email you previously sent out.
  • You can tag people in your list based on their response. So, let’s say you sent 3 emails one by one to your list. You only want to segment a list of people who have been most responsive to your emails, people who clicked your links. You can create a separate bucket of these people so that you can run specific campaigns who engaged with you earlier. Similarly, you can do that for a non-responsive people’s list to whom you can send more information and material to re-engage with you and add more value to build better relationship.
  • This hands down is the ONLY email autoresponder service that allows you to track conversions and sales. And then, mark the buyers for your next email marketing campaigns. Hands down, one of the most powerful feature and WHY I will recommend using Market Hero.
  • You can determine the cost of each lead over the long time. Let’s say I start collecting leads by running an ad campaign that cost me 1000 dollars to get 1000 leads (being hypothetical here), now I can have a set of email sequence in place which runs for a 2 weeks time period. In which I promote my products & affiliate offers to my list. And then, I can find out how much these people are worth to me over the 2 weeks timeline. And after running this campaign I find out I make 2000$ from a list of these 1000 people. It’s a simple answer I got here. Scale the campaign even further and multiply my income. Is that complicated? Well, that’s where Market Hero I believe in kick ass.

Email Optimization System

  • You can run different kinds of Split tests in your email campaigns which is auto-optimized based on your email response. So, that Market Hero tells you and automatically sends more emails that showcase more open rate, more click-throughs and then sends that email to your major email list. This way you can find your best email headlines that are converting better vs the others.
  • Market Hero auto-optimizes your funnel by helping you track the long term value of each set of leads in your business. You can have a generic number, or specific LTV number based on your marketing campaigns that you run previously sent out. And then, you can filter buyer vs non-buyer’s and target specific campaigns for them. And much more.

Intuitive Design & Features

  • This software provides one of the most intuitive, simple, easy to understand design which is oriented towards bring you more profits in the least period of time. You won’t find complicated options that confuse you down. And make it difficult to utilize the app.
  • There is a very simple WYSIWYG Editor for creating emails, you can customize each emails by aligning text, adding images/videos, and probably do anything on your own with a click of a button. Heck, you emails are automatically made responsive!
  • You can create optin boxes, lead boxes, optin buttons, image buttons, etc. This saves so much of a cost vs LeadPages and other similar software that costs you couple of hundred dollar over the long term if you wanted to use this feature alone.
  • You can now build pop up opt-in boxes right within Market Hero.

Fully Automated, Lead Follow Up System

  • If you have used email sequence builders in softwares like ActiveCampaign or Drip. You might find it really complicated and sort of like a learning curve to design your specific set of email sequences and then segmenting those email sequences for having action based triggered email implemented in them.
  • Market Hero has been able to make the most easy to understand UI in this terms. It’s so simple that with just the basic understanding you can start creating your campaigns one by one and within no time you will have an intelligent, segmented list of email sequence ready to be sent out to all your subscribers. And this will intelligently identify each subscribers response and send emails specifically to a person’s response. Helping you not only automate your email marketing but also take your email marketing to the next level like a ninja marketer.
  • Expect replying to someone based on your email list’s response to your campaigns all on autopilot?
  • Imagine automatically tagging, segmenting and responding to your email list depending on their actions and products they purchased on didn’t purchase?
Market Hero is made out of sheer frustration of the tools available out their in the marketplace. Hence, it’s a system that works with you in your business seamlessly without giving you much of a learning curve to start utilizing the powerful features within the whole system.    ]]>

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