55 Powerful Email Marketing Strategies That You Have Never Heard of Before

Tactics to craft emails that demand attention and inspire action by Daniel Levis 1. Begin building your list where you can leverage other people’s audience. Invite influencers onto your podcast, webinar or conference. 2. Bring valuable and relevant information. Inspire and make people’s lives better. Email them often. 3. If you are doing a webinar, increase the frequency of your emails as the event comes closer, and build awareness to sell on those days. Use the proper mix of content versus pitch emails in order to maximize revenue. 4. Images are great for your emails, but make sure that they serve the copy and the story to enhance it more. 5. HTML emails are better than plain text. You want to track opens and use trackable links to track clicks and conversions. 6. Make your text big enough and easy for people to read. Make them read your email before they click, so place your link at the bottom. You’d prefer a warm lead landing on your page than a cold one. 7. Longer emails work. Track and manage your KPI’s well, and you’ll see how it improves conversions

Story-powered emails with the unique power of moving hearts & minds to connect, persuade & influence by Andre Chaperon

1. Ask your subscribers to set a filter in their inbox for any email from you (specifically your domain) and mark it as personal. 2. Understand who is on your list and what your list wants. Send every email with relevance and value. 3. If you are promoting an affiliate offer, don’t just promote something for the sake of earning commissions, deliver offers that will bring value by targeting your list. 4. Take your time writing emails, these are your best assets. 5. Write your emails as a story and connect it with a call to action. Use medium.com for inspiration. 6. You need to get to know your subscribers better by tagging clicks based on their interests. So don’t just get subscribers to click your links, learn from their engagement. 7. Remove subscribers from topics they aren’t interested in by requesting they click a link to remove them from a segment. Be sure to let them know that they will not be unsubscribed, just removed from receiving emails on that topic in the future. 8. Create open loops to leave subscribers eager to receive your next email. Do this by building attention in your emails and leaving a cliffhanger. 9. Use your initial emails as the opportunity to help them get to know you better. 10. You need your choice of text editor opened in tabs when writing your email loops. This will help the emails flow together nicely. 11. If you are just beginning, start with 7 emails for your first sequence and build from there. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Anatomy of an email that converts prospects into loyal customers by Jeremy Montoya

1. Stop sending emails starting with “I”, use “you” instead. You need to write to your subscribers and show how you can solve their problem. 2. Send small emails with lessons and stories that are valuable and entertaining. 3. Writing is one of the most important skills you have as an email marketer. Resonate with people and catch their attention. Be human to gain trust and respect. 4. If (for some reason) you want to send random things to your list, tie it together with a laugh and be relatable. It doesn’t have to be educational, the right people will appreciate it. 5. In your call to action, use scarcity and urgency to increase conversions. Even if it doesn’t exist, create a time parameter to encourage people to take action. 6. Be very careful in what you input because this will become your output. 7. Marketing is full of exclamation points, be honest and consistent with your process, don’t just rely on tools.

Automated experience design: copywriting to scale and humanizing relationships by Paul Sokol

1. Before talking about strategies and email broadcasts, make sure you have a clear positioning for your products. 2. After a purchase, send a follow up email to empower people to get the most value out of their purchase. 3. Wait until your customer has consumed your product and then ask for feedback. Ensure you personally follow up. 4. Be smart, ask for a testimonial or a referral from your satisfied customers only. 5. Send automated emails during holidays that are conversational to get people to reply, without any links. 6. If you get unsubscribes, it is an indicator that you need to revisit the quality of your traffic, positioning of your offer, or check your target audience. 7. Measure these 4 key interaction points: Did they optin, did they download, did they click the sales page and did they buy? 8. Start fixing your point of sale experience: Improve your sales page, optimize your order form, and amplify your traffic to get better results 9. Clean your hard bounce emails, maintain a clean healthy list. 10. Ask for your lists’ preferences – whether they want newsletters or promotions and always deliver on your promise. 10. Ask for your lists’ preferences – whether they want newsletters or promotions and always deliver on your promise.

Secrets of writing the perfect email to get a response(a review of 40 million emails) by Chris Cichon

1. Keep a good and short subject line, use 3-4 words only. 2. When writing emails, use simpler words and shorter sentences to get more responses. 3. Increase your response rate by putting 1-3 straightforward questions in your email. 4 Be one of the productive 10% who formats their emails with bold and bullets. Use questions in your emails, make it easy for people to see your point. 5. Send your emails between 6-7am local time, don’t let them be buried by sending them in the afternoon or late at night, second best time is 12-1pm. The idea is to be in your target’s inbox just before they start reading it so you are at the top of the pile. 6. Increase your productivity by avoiding interruptions, turn off your email notifications, check your email only 3 times a day. 7. Set your own TO DO LIST, don’t let your email dictate what you should do the whole day. 8. Don’t waste your time deleting newsletters, unsubscribe or filter them into a folder. 9. Follow up with your recipients after 2-4 days, help them be more productive to get things done. 10. Save time by using ready-made templates for your emails. Use Canned Responses for Gmail (Google Labs). 11. Tools to manage your emails: Crystal – will tell you things that your recipients likes and doesn’t like, Boomerang – schedule snooze and reminder messages, and Auto Text Expander – create snippets to auto-populate a saved text template

Build deep relationships using your personality by Mark Asquith

1. The key indicator for business is the lifetime value of your customers. Measure it. 2. Always test and measure the impact of your emails repeatedly rather than having a butterfly approach – moving from one thing to another when things don’t work. 3. Segment your list based on their behaviour and characteristics to learn what emails to create and use for each of them. 4. Test different call to actions for those who just downloaded your freebie but haven’t purchased anything from you. Get them to take action. 5. Start segmenting early, to set yourself a good foundation. Tag and niche down your list early before you send your campaign to identify who your email is relevant for. 6. Don’t be afraid to show your own personality in your emails and create a community that knows you. Find common interests that function as icebreakers and show them qualities that make you likeable. 7. Give your business a face: be authentic and “don’t be the person you admire, be the person you would like to admire”. Make your team understand your brand’s personality and purpose in business. 8. Earn the right to sell with your subscribers, but never be scared to admit that you have to make money. The key is to not make people feel like you’re selling a product, but instead like you’re solving their problem. 9. Sign off your emails with your own signature, tagline and a personal note to let people know that your are genuinely connecting with them (Mark uses a blue button with a note saying; “click here to email me personally”).

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