Furnished Rentals & Serviced Apartments in Jangpura Extension

Rent Property in Jangpura Extension? Why are people more keen on Renting Apartments in Jangpura Extension? Below page is a help. Today, people prefer residing in those areas which though are located in primarily residential regions, they are in close vicinity of several markets and other facilities too like that of schools, banks, hospitals, restaurants etc. Jangpura Extension is a residential area that is a neighborhood in South Delhi and perfectly matches the above criterion. In its vicinity are some very popular names i.e. Khan Market, Defence Colony, Lodhi Gardens, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Tomb of Humayun and many other historical sites too, which altogether makes it among the best choices to reside in. Being made available today are the 2BHK Apartments for Rent in Jangpura Extension, which are semi furnished floors that have been facilitated with almost every basic requirement. All of these apartments are beautifully constructed at a good location with an open area around. The apartments have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining cum living room attached by a balcony, and an open kitchen. BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS The two bedrooms in the apartment have attached bathrooms. The rooms are sufficiently spacious with a low-height bed, and a set of two chairs and a round table arranged in a corner.  The bedrooms have no cupboards or any other space-occupying heavy material. Moreover, they have been given very subtle color combinations with a peaceful theme in mind. Moving to bathrooms, they have slip-proof tiles, a glass shower panel, a small double-door wooden cabinet beneath the wash basin. LIVING ROOM cum DINING ROOM: Rental Apartments in Jangpura ExtensionUnderstanding that the living room is the first thing that is noticed by any guests or the visitors, we have thoroughly planned its interiors with a proper seating, a central table and a television cabinet fixed in one wall of the room. The living room has a wooden furniture and has been decorated with the latest ceiling lights. It is separated from the dining room with a glass divider, which shifts the dining arrangements to a different corner. This corner has a space to arrange a six-seated dining table and a separate cabinet for glass utensils and other accessories, if you wish. This room also has an attached balcony.  KITCHEN: Understanding that a compact kitchen can equally function well like any other big kitchen, we partially stocked it up with smaller appliances to help you move into an almost ready kitchen area. It is fixed with an 18” dishwasher at a side, slimmer sinks, a wall-mounted faucet along with appropriate electronics. SERVICES: Basic services like newspaper, housekeeping, RO water system, inverter etc. are all available in these apartments. What are you waiting for to Rent Apartments in Jangpura Extension? We are sure you will not get any better deal than these Apartments for Rent in Jangpura Extension. Serviced Apartments for rent in Jangpura Extension: – Rental property Delhi provides a wide range of grand accommodation for a comfortable and memorable stay and fully equipped, serviced flats, houses and home for Rent in Jangpura Extension. Contacts Information: Phone: +91 999 999 1588 +91 999 999 1588, Email: [email protected] and here you can get all information about fully furnished or unfurnished Flats for short & long term stay.]]>

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