Affordable Serviced Apartments for Rent in Anand Lok

Delhi is a city that forms a base of the politics and is resided by many of the high profile people. Forming a residential base of such a high class is an Anand Lok area which is known as the diplomatic residential area of Delhi. If you are keen on becoming a resident of such a posh colony, here comes an opportunity. For sale is a Serviced Apartment in Anand Lok, which we prefer to sell to decent family-oriented people. Anand Lok is resided by the cream of the classy and high-profile people. Thus, this area has been facilitated with tight security. It forms a part of the posh South Delhi region and in its close neighborhood falls some of the major colleges and institutes, banks, foreign embassies and many of the supermarkets. For a residential purpose, it is considered as one of the best localities. The entire colony is under CCTV surveillance and all the entry and exit points are sealed by 24-hr guarding services. Keeping in mind the comfort levels that are all desired by any family nowadays, we have built this absolutely furnished Serviced Apartment in Anand Lok. It has been intentionally designed to serve its resident with a comfortable and the coziest stay. BEDROOMS: It has one master bedroom and two medium sized bedrooms. All the bedrooms have Italian furnishings and marble floorings. Also, one wall in every room is textured to match to the color of the remaining walls. The master bedroom is bigger than the other bedrooms. Along with a low-height bed, it has a set of two chairs and a round table which have been arranged in a corner. Also, a couch has been arranged alongside the bed for an extra seating. The opposite wall has been fitted with a panel which has a Sony LED TV fixed along with a DVD player from the company. The master bedroom also has an attached open balcony which is park facing. BATHROOMS: We understand that today is not following a trend of small bathrooms and so, we have tried to take out the maximum space for all of the bathrooms. To make them more spacious, we have fitted the cupboards in the wall on one side and the other side has a glass shower panel for bathing with the latest trended fittings. LIVING ROOM: The interiors of the living room of this Serviced Apartment in Anand Lok have been designed with a lovely theme. Along with marble flooring, the living room has been decorated with bright furnishings and cane furniture. In short, this Furnished Apartment in Anand Lok is very well ventilated to allow the residents enjoy a good make-up air inside and breathe a fresh air always. KITCHEN: The kitchen is that portion of the house where the women of the family spend a maximum of their time. Thus, we have tried to facilitate the kitchen of this apartment with all the modern and the latest equipments to allow her with the easiest of cooking experience. All the arrangements have been done very systematically to rightly place the electronics, crockery and the other essential kitchen stuff. DRAWING CUM DINING ROOM: It has been made ultimately spacious with wooden laminated flooring and elegant furniture. The fascinating lighting and the wooden furniture contribute lovely to maintain the aura and the freshness in this area. Breathe in fresh and enjoy your evening and the meals here. SERVICES: Housekeeping, newspaper, Water RO system, inverter for electricity backup are all that have been already made available in this well Furnished Apartment in Anand Lok. Search for houses and homes for rent in Anand Lok – Find Luxury Fully Furnished Serviced Apartments / Flats for rent short term and long term stay in south Delhi.  Contact Information: Phone: + 91 999 999 1588, +91 999 999 1588, Email: [email protected], for excellent service – Book now!]]>

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