Taking A Short Break To Improve Your Quality of Life & Increase Productivity

The culture of staying in the office later to show commitment can often lead to another “game” – who can take the least breaks. Breaks are often taken as a sign of weakness and anyone who takes them is slacking. When it comes to productivity the opposite is infact true. Taking a break boosts our productivity and changing our environment or situation often gives us the creative idea we were searching for, or the answer to a problem or issue we couldn’t figure out. Taking a break not only boosts productivity it also boost happiness and health – what’s not to like about that? I still have to keep reminding myself about this periodically as it easy to slip back into overworking when the pressure is on. When that’s the case I remind myself of two things;

  • Mostly the answer to something comes when I am not thinking about it.
  • I know, from experience, that taking a break makes me more productive.
The ideal break is a change of scenery. Getting out into nature is ideal, not only does it help you be more productive it’s also great for your mental health. Here’s how to get more from this technique;
  • Schedule breaks in regularly – scheduling them makes it more likely that you will take them.
  • Short regular breaks through the day will help maintain your energy levels.
  • A longer break might be needed in the middle of the day.
  • Schedule exercise in to your day.
  • Don’t feel guilty about taking a break – think about what you are achieving rather than the amount of time you are working.
  • Keep checking in with this technique – it’s easy to stop breaks when the pressure is on and that’s exactly when you need them.

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