Top Traffic Sources for Your Android Apps or Games

1. Right Name and Keyword-Rich Description Now this might not be obvious but the success of your app hugely depends on how searchable it is. Instead of coming up with a creative name for your app or game, try to include the words that users type into the search box, when they are looking for an app like yours, e.g. “simple recipes,” “download music”, etc. make sure you include some relevant keywords into the app’s title and description on Google Play.


Tapjoy is a guaranteed way to boost your app’s rankings and build strong traffic at a comparably low cost. If your app has all that potential, it’s definitely the way to go.

3. Traditional PR

A really oldschool way many of us underestimate, mainly used by large companies. Contacting people with lots of subscribers on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks can go a long way, so make sure you have a good quality video that describes your app/game.

4. and

Unique places to advertise your app, that are not super competitive and 100% driven by the user community. Unlike Mopub, ChartBoost not only allows you to buy traffic but also to cross-promote your app by trading traffic with similar ones.

5. Review Websites

A great way to get other people talking about your Android app, as review websites can give you a significant viral boost. We recommend starting with, this website is huge!

6. Game blogs

These ones are not gonna cost you anything, but you’ll need an awesome game to get there. A feature on, for instance, will not only bring you numerous downloads but can also make your game go viral.


Getjar is an Android app and a website, offering many free apps a day. Users can download for free apps that they would normally have to pay for! A great way to boost your traffic and attract new customers. 8….You Tell Us! Sure, if you know any other traffic source for promoting your Android or even a list of sources to promote an iPhone Apps or Games. Please comment below. And ofcourse, if you find this post useful. Help us spread the word! :)]]>

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