Why Choose WordPress As Your Website, Blog or as a CMS?

http://www.bbcamerica.com/ http://usainbolt.com/ Many developers still debate & claim on the fact that WordPress is not a CMS which solves the job for them, even though they can see much number examples like the one above. But, in case you have a large business with a huge budget & you want your team to be coordinating with your developer for so many minor changes & pay for it continuingly then may be WordPress is not made for you. But, incase you are smart & intelligent and you want a beautiful, reasonable, effective & adoptable running platform which is backed by a large community of WordPress Developers to support you then WordPress is made for you. I look back in my online journey which started in 2005. I remember how difficult it becomes for a person like me who knew no coding skills and had to build websites for myself. I had to outsource a lot of tasks to website designers & developers who can work the way up to build a HTML based website which required ongoing changes which we supposed to be done later on along the journey. After few years I came to know about WordPress and then I simply went through knowing the basics of WordPress such as WordPress installation, installing plugins & customizing the theme. Then, whenever there was a unique requirement i.e. I wanted to get a custom contact form, etc. most of the issue were already made solved for me since there is a huge community of active developers who are always busy developing thousands of plugins & WordPress designs which are known as themes. Wordpress has been around now for a decade (WordPress became 10 years old in 2013 BTW.) and today 22% of the websites online are based on WordPress. It’s been always there as an Open Source platform (A set of packaged code made available together with no cost, you can simply install on your server & use it) which helps you make awesome websites in very short time. You have literally 1000s of designs to choose from for free & if you are looking for something to stand out you can either get a customized theme made for your site or choose from Premium themes which are available through WordPress Theme Clubs, Membership sites & community like ThemeForest. Wordpress Extensions is an online search directory for what we call WordPress Plugins where you can search thousands of plugins which adds additional functionality on your website which literally makes WordPress extendable up to any limit. I personally have been running a website design business for a long time and whenever I have been dealing with clients we wanted to give the best solutions to our clients according to their needs. Even though we were able to deliver our clients whatever they wanted but there was a lot of time taken, with unique coding required every time to make changes which raised the client’s bill also and for us as developers limited our time to few clients. Later we realized we are doing injustice to ourselves also by not able to scale our business & also had to charge our clients a lot of amount for a simple solution they wanted us to build. So, we wanted to find a solution which is quick, robust and much better – because at the end of the day we wanted them to find our solution better and then send us referrals & more business & we also didn’t wanted to deal with small changes taking lot of time. After choosing WordPress we were able to make our efforts more on the look & feel side of the design & making sure right functionality are pulled together on the website to deliver the unique requirements our clients have rather than extending their budget, and re-inventing the whole wheel by every time building up unique features. There are a lot of other similar platforms which have been providing similar solutions like Drupal, Joomla, etc. But, personally we find nothing came as close to the web usage as much as WordPress. So, we decided to select WordPress and become an expert at it so well that we become the all in one shop for WordPress. Using the right plugin which has already been developed before reduced our development cost by multiple times. Do You Need To Be WordPress Expert to Build Your Site? Not at all. That’s the beauty of WordPress. Wordpress can be utilized by small business owners, mom-n-pop shops, students, or anyone and they can build their website on their own within no time. WordPress is free & themes available are generally free & others very low cost. Now, the great part about WordPress is that you can add most of the functionality on your own and if you have some unique changes then you can find plugins or else find a WordPress Developer who can create the changes you want at relatively low cost. With the advent of mobile & tablet devices. Now, most of WordPress themes are getting a responsive design which helps you rule the web by having a synchronized design on all devices.]]>

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