Why You Need to Speed up Your WordPress Website – Tutorial – Part 2

Everybody knows how important it is to create fresh and interesting content for your WordPress site. However, in the never-ending race to keep your site freshly updated, it’s easy to forget the importance of keeping your site clean, lean, and running up to speed.

Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to get your site running up to speed. By following the steps outlined here, your site will be sure to receive a top score on the major page speed testing sites.

A Better User Experience

Think about the last time that you visited a website that was clumsy, slow to load, and generally not user-friendly. Did you stay on the site for long? Did you buy many products or services? Or, more likely, did you leave the site right away and swear that you would never return?

As studies show, if a site loads quickly, then visitors typically spend more time on a site, visit more pages, and buy more products and services. In fact, it’s been shown that if a site does not load within ten seconds, most users will typically leave before seeing anything.

What this means to you is that all of your hard work in creating engaging new content and flashy graphics is down the drain if your site doesn’t load quickly enough.

In optimizing your site speed, you are creating a better experience for your users, who will repay you in turn by spending more time on your site, looking at more pages, reading more posts, and buying more of your products and services.

It’s Fast, Easy, and Free

There are incredible resources available online to test your site’s loading times, and to improve your page speed. We will cover some of the best ones in this book.

Best of all, everything we will cover in this blog series is free.


Additionally, Google, in its drive to promote a faster internet, announced that it would be taking page speed into account in its search rankings. They’ve claimed that this only affects 1% of searches, but you can be sure to see that number will go up in the future. (And most likely already has.)

Making a Better (Faster) Internet

Lastly, you can take comfort in the fact that by optimizing your site, you are doing a good deed for the world. A faster internet is a better internet, and one faster site is one more step towards a faster internet.

Optimization >>> Faster Load Times >>> Happier Customers

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