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FLOW: State in Productivity

This section should really come with a health warning. Flow is seriously addictive. I am positive that once you have experienced you will want more. First though let’s explained what flow is. If you haven’t heard of flow it’s an enhanced state of productivity. It’s where time seems to disappear as you get so wrapped

Work At Your Best

Are you a lark or an owl? Research has shown that no matter your birdlife tendencies our brains are most effective in the morning, no matter your birdlife tendencies. Making the most of this productive period means you can whizz through tasks that can feel heavy and a bit of a slog if you worked

Sowing The Seeds of Success

If you are familiar with productivity improvement processes you may be familiar with something called “set up reduction”. It’s used in all sort of industries to enable production to keep flowing as smoothly as possible without having to stop and get set up for the next batch, line, patient or activity. One of the simplest

Tracking Your Time

It’s obvious to say but you can’t change what you do with your time if you don’t know where time goes at the moment. The simplest way to track your time is to use a simple graph. I use a spreadsheet which is broken down into days and I record 7 days on one sheet.

The Myth Of Multi-Tasking

Do you find it difficult to make time to work on the things that are important to you? Are you trying to squeeze more into each day? Do you wonder where your working time goes? You may be surprised to know that the average worker spends  28% of their time dealing with emails. The average

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