What’s The Difference Between Serviced Apartments vs Guest Houses

Service apartments and guest houses although look the same but in retrospect are totally different. They both provide an adobe for people who have come on a short stay. Both provide an immaculate alternative to the hotel room, as they offer a homely environment and privacy along with services of a star hotel. There is big difference between the two and it is often seen that people have wrong presumptions in their head, which does not allow them to make suitable decision that would suit them perfectly.

While service apartments are used purely for renting purpose whereas guest houses can be used for rent or individual need. Guest house are basically houses along with services of that of a star hotel. Usually the owners live there along with the primary staff of the place. There is a common breakfast and coffee room where all the guests can gather. They tend to be cozier and one has the opportunity to meet other guests as well as the hosts. As the name suggests it is like living in some person’s house as a guest.

On one hand, serviced apartments give more privacy as the whole apartment is provided to you which do not host any other people other than yourself. It is like a leasing a house for a shorter period of time. You get all the facilities that are provided in the home, but lack on the services like a staff to take care of you.

There are many benefits of serviced apartments as compared to a guest house. If you are not bothered about the services, but require a calm, serene place to stay where you have the privacy of a home, then serviced apartments is the best choice for you. You get the whole place to yourself, which ensures that no one can infringe on your solitude.

But on the other hand, if you are a social person and require a homely environment along with services like that of a star hotel, then you should not look any further away from a guest house. Stribling hospitality provides you with both the options. Our wide range of serviced apartments along with guest houses ensures that you get what is best suitable for you. These places are generally for people on a short stay or those who are looking for a property relocation in order to get know how of the neighborhood.

Rather than staying at the hotel which does not provide any homely feeling, a person can choose either from a serviced apartments or a guest house. It is as close as a person can get to have a home like feeling in any neighborhood. And due to the fact that Stribling hospitality has serviced apartments and guest houses at multiple locations with the NCR it gets very easy for a person to make a decision.

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