Sticking Points & 9 Specific Places You Might Be Stuck In Business

#1. They don’t anticipate growth and then take growth oriented actions #2. They don’t measure any of their important metrics and then make moves based on what the data is telling them #3. They don’t have a growth based marketing plan

Here Are The 9 Specific Places You Might Be Stuck…

1. Stuck Getting Your Ass Kicked By Your Competition

Competition can be companies selling the same thing you do, any other way that people can use to solve their problem, people stuck and satisfied with doing nothing to solve their problem, and last of all the hardest competitor can be you and your limiting thinking. The first thing you’ve got to do to overcome a challenge is know what it is. Do you know what the companies competing for your business are doing? Do you know the offers they’re making? Do you know what people think is their unique sales position is? Do you know how they go about generating leads and staying in touch with their customers? Do you know what their client intake process is? How could you expect to outdo your direct competitors or the alternative methods if you don’t even know what they’re doing?  This is why you want to play prospect and customer in their business. You want the hands on experience of what happens in each of these instances. Are they marketing better than you? Are they selling better than you? Is their entry level funnel built better?

2. Stuck With Not Enough Sales

“Enough” needs to be a specific number. If you do have a set number of sales you know you need and want to be making, why are not selling enough? Are you getting enough leads? Are you getting plenty of leads but not converting them?

3. Stuck With Roller Coaster Income

This is the phenomenon of having plenty of money one month and struggling to make the basic bill payments the next. And the variables in results could be from a wild variance in how many leads you get one month vs. the next, how many sales you make one month vs. the next, etc. Roller coaster income could be from not having a consistent advertising effort… and it could mean you don’t have a tested, optimized and proven funnel that all your leads go through.

4. Stuck With No Strategy

Most people have this sticking point. If you are working from a strategy, is it the best possible one you could be working from? Does it help you address the right market, the forward trends, the looming drama about to drop? The movie rental stores like Blockbuster video put themselves in a terrible position by not moving forward and addressing impending doom fast enough. You are a leader if you’re a business owner. But how good of a leader are you being? You need to have a compelling vision of where you want the business to go, as well as an accurate view of where you are now. And you can cultivate your ability to lead and you must do this. Also, you need to develop other leaders in your company through coaching. Robert Hargrove is a person Jay respects in the realm of coaching and leadership. One of the keys to becoming a successful leader in your business that blazes the way for your followers is to be a multiplier. You want to take the average resources and people you have and make them BETTER than anyone thought they could be. When I think of this term of being a multiplier, I think of the New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichek. He has won multiple Super Bowls with what everyone knows to be teams with very average players on them. His strategies multiplied what was possible for these teams to accomplish and thus he maximized the hand he was dealt and made people even better than anyone else thought they could be. You need to do this. If you can’t, it won’t matter if you get super-talented people and mega-funding. If you can’t multiply with little to nothing, it will be highly probable that you’ll squander talent or funding if it comes to you. It will serve you to become a multiplier. A multiplier creates raving fans in two different groups:]]>

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