To All Who Wants To Buy Property In Delhi

An Open Letter To All Renters At Delhi Apartments Who Are Sick And Tired Of Throwing Away Money On Rent!

No doubt you’re aware that your Landlord has just raised your rent again!  Over the past 7 years, the monthly rents at your Apartment Complex have increased by over 10 %. What will happen next year and the year after that?

The point is this: Why should you keep throwing away your hard-earned money each month on rent, when you can OWN YOUR HOME AND BE RID OF RENT INCREASES FOREVER!

Did you know you can own a home in Delhi for as little as 30,000INR per month after taxes with as little as down payment.  We can even help you find the necessary financing for your down payment!  Special financing is now available for first time home buyers who can qualify with an income as low as 5 Lakh per year.  Even if your income and available cash are limited, alternative financing may be available. Often times credit problems can be worked out too!

If you’re sick and tired of endless rental increases and watching your rent money go down the drain with massive percentage of return on your investment, we’d like to invite you to a FREE Home Buyers Workshop For Renters event.

There is no cost or obligation for the workshop…. or sales pressure to buy.  The simple fact is:  every month we are able to show dozens of people – just like you –how to stop paying your landlord and start paying yourself!

To register for the Workshop or for more information, please call me personally at 9999991588.


Abhinav Gulyani

PS:  We provide a FREE Home Buyer Financial Planning Analysis for each workshop attendee that will show you how you can afford to own instead of rent … and how to get pre-qualified for the best load so your monthly payments are as low as possible.  The main point is:   don’t pay rent.  Find out how to own instead.


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