WebinarJam Review 2017: Hits & Misses | Complete Guide

Why WebinarJam? I am reviewing WebinarJam only because it has been one of the leading names in the webinar creation space for more than 4 years now along with GoToWebinar. GoToWebinar unfortunately is so expensive that it will burn a hole in your pocket just by thinking about it, starting from $89 per month for 100 viewers to $499 per month for 1000 viewers. That’s just insane considering the list numbers these days are a lot bigger and buying big traffic is cheaper in some industries. Also, another reason for us to review WebinarJam is because I myself have used it for launching webinars for our clients. The results have been very good. More on that later. One more thing, I couldn’t really find any reviews that made full sense of what WebinarJam can and can’t do. Everyone speaks of the pricing but no one yet has been able map out the truth behind WebinarJam. Hence, this review.

The Men Behind WebinarJam

I’ve been big fans of teleseminars and webinars because of the ease with which any given targeted traffic can easily be converted into customers. Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime are old internet marketing industry stalwarts (they were also the people behind the super famous Evergreen Business Systems and Video Genesis programs). Now, this already meant good news when they launched WebinarJam purely because video plays the central lead in case of webinars. Mike Filsaime aka Michael Jordan Of Internet Marketing because of his expertise and knowledge has been a worldwide educator. Andy Jenkins launched himself in the internet marketing world with Video Boss, a video marketing tool for entrepreneurs that sold like hot cakes. Both of the founders of WebinarJam are extremely enthusiastic folks. Even though that might sometimes come across as a little fake, that’s only because some people are very very new to the whole webinar game and they like to keep it fully exciting for them to be able to take full benefit of their offer till the very end. They love sharing everything they have learnt as business owners and give real time strategies. This also makes WebinarJam one of the best tools for hosting webinars for cheap. Not because the price is a guaranteed steal. But because the founders themselves have taken the time to pour their own expertise, heart & soul in building this, with an intent to help online entrepreneurs to make the best of it.

What WebinarJam Can Do For You

Every new product has a certain set of features to boast. The existing webinar technologies that exists apart from WebinarJam are an expensive affair. It is this gap that WebinarJam tends to bridge. It has no limits on the no. of attendees who can attend your webinars. Google Hangouts is a powerful tool in itself and WebinarJam pushes it a mile ahead using that existing technology for business owners.


Use the Google Hangouts technology which is already one of the most reliable & stable in the world. That means no dropouts and no random hangups. The backend analytics are very powerful and can help the most non-technical business owner make informed decisions. It includes everything from sales conversions, earnings per click, earning per attendee, one click signup, post webinar reminder details, autoresponder integrations etc. Simple & clean interface with only three options on the menu Extremely simple to setup your webinar and its registration process. Takes less than 5 minutes to set up the whole thing for a recurring one. Only modification of emails is needed from time to time depending on what you’re looking to sell. Automatic uploading of videos on your specified channel on Youtube Unlimited replays on your website. Pay one time fee for a year and use it as many times as you want. Tracking codes on check-out pages & thank-you pages help you learn more about the performance on your webinar. You can ask people to pay for getting access to a presentation/webinar. Comes loaded with beautiful and pre-tested designs & templates. Conducting real time polls and surveys through public & private chat rooms becomes a lot easier. Gather real time feedback while you’re selling online. 30 day money back guarantee. This one always stands for a great steal as 30 days are usually enough to capitalise on the service bought without any risks.


If a registrant leaves any field incomplete, there are no warning popups. One has to go through each and every field to see which one was left out. No self hosting service. All webinars are hosted on their website only. It’s not enough to know from a small list like this of the real power of WebinarJam. Here are some of its most influential features that makes it one of the most important webinar software in today’s space: Unlimited attendees and Multiple Presenters: One of the biggest benefits of having this tool by your side is that the number of attendees you can have on this are unlimited. There is also no cap on the no. of webinars you can do. In comparison to all other business based webinar services, this one takes the cake as the cost goes up dramatically if the number of viewers and sign ups increase. With WebinarJam, its just a one time cost and you’re done. Scheduling Webinars & Reminders via Text Messages: The WebinarJam system is built in a way that you can create your webinar and just schedule it for the time you want. Everything else from reminding your registrants (via email or text messages) is automatically taken care of. Signing up for the webinars is also a walk in the park as the audiences can literally just sign up with their email addresses. Integration with Social Media Platforms: Most social media platforms support the integration of your webinars. These can also be integrated with most email marketing services and autoresponder services. This itself is one of the biggest advantages as once they sign up for your webinar successfully, they will also become a part of your email marketing list. You can always sell and upsell in the future accordingly to these lists and garner better relationships. Webinars For Selling: I discussed earlier that WebinarJam also lets you charge money just for entering a particular webinar. There is also a fully integrated system for collecting payments during the webinar/presentation itself. Most other webinar services will not allow you to do that. Firing up your sales numbers and opening a new revenue stream right off the bat could not get easier than this. Q&A Tool For Interactivity: All attendees have an option to ask questions live during the webinar. Needless to say, you can also answer them right away- live. This might not be a very exclusive feature but the fact that all this is extremely simple to conduct and that the attendees don’t have to spend hours and days just waiting to get answers, means you’ll be able to close sales a lot faster and have your autoresponders work in the best fashion possible. Complete Tracking For Each Webinar: WebinarJam also offers 100% transparent stats for tracking every webinar you create. Measuring success is an equally important part if you’re going to put your time and energy in something. The backend allows you to study every attendee’s details, show up rates, replay attendees, unique visitors, no. of registrations, the revenue earned per webinar and a lot more.


Folks, there’s some other good news I’ve got for you. I got an exclusive sneak peek into the new WebinarJam that is being launched in August 2017. In addition to an already existing list of 50+ amazing features that come packed, the brand new version of WebinarJam that is being released will have these additional 8 features as well. Our minds were blown just thinking about the potential this damn thing carries but then they dropped this. Check them out below:

1. Jam Session Rooms:

This is like your own virtual meeting arena. You and your co-presenters (sitting in any corner of the world) can deliver your live cast webinars. At the moment, it allows 6 co-presenters to do that at the same time. It allows you to share from your webcam, a whole window or even stream a specific application and then even allow playbacks for all of the presenters. This is with the help of a revolutionary technology that Andy Jenkins has bought to life with his latest version : WebRTC live casting standard, thus making the webinar look a lot more sharper, cleaner & more vibrant. This also has the capability to automatically upload this and live stream through YouTube live making it accessible for thousands of new audiences all over the world.

2. Studio Control Centre:

This time around Andy Jenkins and his team really hammered in something very cool. The new version of WebinarJam is going to have a highly customisable interface that will allow you to use it solo in a separate browser tab or with a dual screen display on a different PC/laptop. It can be easily given for management by a moderator in your team. You can do pretty much everything from here and it feels like you’re in control of a beautiful Bond car. You can view engagement analytics from the same interface where you get to also control the chats, polls, surveys, questions, videos, offers, live alerts, etc.

3. Video Inject For Hybrid Webinars:

This is based on the fact that most webinars are used for either teaching, interacting or selling. While the original features of any webinar hosting technology service allow you to do that through your webcam, your presentation software and screen sharing as well but the latest version of WebinarJam will act like your own personal on-demand TV studio. This means you can have as many as upto 10 videos pre-uploaded and as soon as you click on the thumbnail, your viewers start watching the videos during your live without them realising that it’s a pre-recorded session/video. This is obviously a great feature purely because it potentially eliminates the risk of you getting stuck while making your pitch to the audiences. This is also great for sharing testimonials that have been recorded right for better social proof display. Pretty cool, han?

4. Active Offers:

Gone are the days when your PPTs had a link at the end of all the slides. WebinarJam is seriously here to up your game as it now comes loaded with various calls to action which are clickable within the webinar. These come with an option of an active countdown timer which creates a sense of urgency and an active units display which will allow you to show the no. of purchases/offers left – creating a sense of scarcity. These can be manually controlled as well automatically. And it’s very simple to do.

5. Feedback Flow:

Now, during your webinar presentations, all major questions can be displayed graphically that your attendees enter in the chat room with one click. For e.g.: if someone asks if there is any discount available till a period on the price of your product, you can provide the answer and then show it on the video interface. It also allows you to promote specific comments to the audience. Kind of like a social proof tool again. It even allows for real time purchases to be displayed. Anyone who lands on your landing page and buys the product, you get an instant notification within WebinarJam and also display it to audience as a sign of credibility. Imagine the effect it can have on your sales while all of this is happening.

6. Replica Replay™:

This is one of the best & strongest updates from the previous versions of WebinarJam you can witness. What this allows you to do is just replicate the original webinar broadcast, not just the recording. That means all the responses and interactions done with the help of other tools also takes place in the exact fashion. Think the direct video injection, feedback flow displays, questions, comments, live alerts etc. The whole environment for free.

7. Attendee Spotlight:

This feature will allow you to make any of your attendees to become a guest, a host or a presenter in your webinar at any time. During the session itself, you can ask the buyers to tell you why they purchased your product/offer in the first place. Nifty little tricks like these for social proof tend to go a long way in sales. This is sort of just an icing on the cake. An already amazing product just stepped up it’s games thanks to it’s hard-working creators.

Comparing Webinar Jam with other competitors?

There is a huge war between multiple players in the market place selling Webinar Marketing Software & Webinar Platforms. Some of them which are compared with Webinar Jam like:
  • Webinar Jam vs EverWebinar
  • WebinarJam vs Webinar Ninja
  • WebinarJam vs Stealth Seminar
  • WebinarJam vs Gotowebinar
  • Webinar Jam Studio vs Zoom
In the coming blog posts I will compare each of these platforms. But, before I can give an honest review it would be injustice to you as a reader if I don’t try each one them themselves. So, I have asked my team to work and try every single platform. So, we can do a comparative study of each of these platforms. And then, publish more reviews with comparison.


I am going to write some new additional blog posts which are related to how to setup a profitable webinar system. And how to design & do copywriting for maximum conversion. Stay tuned and I will publish the links below. Once, those posts are live. Thanks, and let me know what do you think about this review. And also your experience with other webinar platforms that might help me improve my review and update with any good points that you may have about it. (Of course, I will give you credits for it! 🙂 )  ]]>

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