How To Create & Run An Engaging Webinar in Few Minutes

We’re not going to lie to you about this. And we’re definitely not kidding about the timeline promised above. We can show a really dirty hack for setting up a professional webinar or a webcast or livecast some call it in less than the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

So, Sit tight and pay attention!

The market nowadays is flooded with all kind of webinar service solutions. 95% of them have functionalities that are complex and are technically built only for the enterprise level brands that want to use it for dry official purposes. Some of them cost upto $5000 for a limited set of attendees for a full year. That number is just warped!!

But then there is the 5% of the players in the market are actually catering to the audience that really knows how to juice out the best from running a webinar. These are also the only minority that has understood how to rake in higher revenues and use it a real tool for marketing strategically. It’s just that this information is not readily out there for small & medium entrepreneurs and online marketers to make use of….till now.

These folks collect the cash and it’s so stupidly simple (technically!) that your 6 yrs. old nephew could do it which is why the whole setup process should be a breeze for you.

Coming up is a review of one of the finest tools in the shed- WebinarJam. And we’ll spare you the fluff so you can go on and try and hit the big buck soon yourself. It’s simple, easy to do and has a very very clean & professional look.

The technology being used is none other than that of Google hangouts but on a different webinar platform. So it’s really no more work than you’d want to find yourself doing on any given Sunday.

In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the whole process from scratch- right from the setting up process, broadcasting webinars and then publishing on YouTube & Google+ (big surprise coming up later!!)…within minutes using WebinarJam.

In any other scenario, even if you knew what you were doing, it would take you hours to do this manually.

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is an online interface hosted on the cloud that allows you to make high quality, professional looking webinars in just a matter of a few clicks using the Google Hangouts technology.

No installation files. No need to download any files on the system. You can run this off the browser from any part of the world. It does not even require for you to have a WordPress/HTML based website etc. to run it.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. Schedule The Webinar: The webinar can be scheduled to go live immediately or at a specific time of your choice. The date and time can be chosen by you. The webinar invitation link is immediately available to be sent to a specific set of audiences or potential attendees. Undeniably. all you need to do after this is just buy traffic through any and every kind of sources on that link. Facebook, Google, email, banner ads…the options are limitless.
  1. Attendees Choose Their Preferred Time & Date: The next step is for the attendees to choose their preferred time and date of attending the webinar.
  1. Presenters & Admin Details Setup: With the latest version of the WebinarJam, you can add upto 6 presenters at the same time. It becomes very easy to co-host a seminar with any of your existing partners or presenters. As soon as the name of your other presenter or administrator is added to the configuration dashboard, their details also automatically get displayed on the webinar registration page. In fact because the potential attendees see the power of information coming from not one but two experts, the chances of them signing up for it also increase dramatically.
  1. Choose A Design Template: Remember how making the perfect landing page that just, simply worked was becoming hard to nail at one time? Yeah. That time’s gone. Today’s new age online  entrepreneur or marketer does not need to waste time in designing a successful landing page from scratch. There are professional templates that are available that can do the trick. Our favourite till date has still been LeadPages. It comes pre-loaded with designs for webinar registration page, the thank you page & even simple opt-in pages. Simple drag & drop, no complications. Period.
  1. Setup AutoresponderThis is probably the most crucial step in the journey. If you get even 60% of this right, we’re pretty sure you’ll ace your game…no matter the size of your business. You will need to keep your webinar email sequence ready and setup the autoresponder to take it to the next level. Your road to success in sales will depend on how well you have maintained the relationship with your lists. Nurture them and make sure to keep in touch about the upcoming webinar. Sending these reminders is the only way to make sure your audience attendance is strong. Get them excited, send them freebies, urge them to respond in surveys by asking them questions- but keep them engaged. Just because they registered, doesn’t mean they’ll attend it. Unless you can have their most important asset – their attention.
  1. Get. Set. Launch: You’re pretty much all set to go for the launch of your webinar by now. Use all your contact lists and paid media for advertising on social media platforms, YouTube campaigns, press releases and any other traditional advertising methods your business can use for signing up for the webinar. Once a potential attendee reaches the landing page and fills up your form, they automatically get listed in your autoresponder sequence and the sequence of the pre-defined set of emails kicks off. They even get notified with an SMS before going live.

And voila! This is the simplest way one can achieve the execution of the webinar.

In the next set of tutorial, we’d like to share with you how to design professional webinar registration landing pages. Even though there are multiple ways to do it, we have shortlisted a full suite of services that can make the job a lot easier with results guaranteed like none other.

BONUS: Taking your Webinars to the next level

Can you imagine once you have a webinar system which is converting for you? It’s money in the bank at the end of the day. The only thing required after that is combining your RIGHT traffic sources, and start collecting more prospects into your webinar contact list.

Now, that’s pretty much obvious. Right?

But, then how do you take your webinar to the next level without the worry of getting online, and making sure that everything is setup correctly and then webinars gets operated automated 24 x 7 like a machine?

Comes, EverWebinar.

This tool integrates with WebinarJam seamlessly and easily (Since, duh it’s made by the same company who made WebinarJam!)

And helps you automate your webinars which works just like how an Live Online Webinar works.

This allows you to take your Webinar Marketing game to the next level and evolve the whole process into an evergreen lead generation funnel using WebinarJam + EverWebinar.

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