How to Price Your Android or iPhone App

Let’s figure out what makes some Android apps so successful. For example, take Akinator the Genie – one of the most popular entertainment apps that has over 100,000 downloads within the last 30 days. There are several factors that make it so appealing to the users: unique concept, great design, relatively low price, availability in several languages. Or Beautiful Widgets – a personalization app that was downloaded over a million times within the last month! It contains a set of widgets like a clock, weather informer, etc. and such huge demand can be explained by its multifunctionality, usefulness and smooth performance at a low price. When it comes to establishing prices for paid apps, developers tend to go different ways to ensure maximum profitability. Stats show that an average Android app costs a lot more than an iOS app, however the price isn’t everything. In case of iOS apps, users spend much more inside the game, purchasing in-app content, while this approach is rarely used in the Android apps.]]>

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