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The 3 Ways To Grow Your Business

1. Get more clients/customers The easiest way to do this is with referrals. If you’re not getting a lot of referrals, this could be a sign that you’re not giving all that much value. Spending none of your money, time, or focus on getting referral customers or clients seems kinda crazy considering that referrals buy

4 Ways To Bring Great Value To The World With Strategy Of Preeminence

(Watch the video above by widely respected Mr. Jay Abraham, one of my mentors.) Statistics across any sub-section of people you look at from children’s classrooms, car dealership salespeople, professional athletes, etc., prove that most people are either mediocre, or worse. Most people make an unspoken agreement with themselves to work at 1/10 of their

Becoming An Accurate Strategic Thinker

An accurate thinking strategist can switch between Creative thinking, Convergent thinking (action) and Divergent thinking (visionary) effectively. A tactician is a Convergent thinker. They are vital to the success of a business because they execute and drive projects to completion. But someone who is primarily a Convergent thinker will find it hard to be creative

Invest Your Profits Wisely

The majority of business owners, when they reach some modicum of success and the money is flowing, look at where they can blow it. They buy the Mercedes, they buy the ultra expensive desk, they buy $1,000 hand bags, houses, etc. Spending this money in this way is very dumb compared with what smart entrepreneurs

Maximizing LinkedIN To Grow Your Business Using INMail

How Relevant is LinkedIN to small and medium-sized business owners?   If you’re in the realm of doing anything business-to-business and you have licensing or sponsorship opportunities available to you, LinkedIn can help with these. This guy works with B2B specifically helping already successful companies find leads through LinkedIn where at the time of this

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