Top Ten Life Values That Matter The Most

1.  Faith/Higher Power/Spirituality – I feel I have achieved this value anytime; – Use a Masonic Principle – Take Action Without Evidence – Help someone without compensation / Volunteer my Time – Ask for forgiveness – Show Love – Teach someone something I learned – Meditate – Move forward when it seems impossible 2. Health

It All Starts with How You Think

Ideas have consequences. If you don’t like the consequences you’re experiencing in life, examine the ideas in your head. Anyone with minimal experience can point you in the general direction of success. The world is full of people experiencing success on a respectable level. But what makes up the difference between an average player and

Copywriting Tips That Can Help You Increase Your CTR in Google AdWords & Other Marketing Campaigns

1. Use the bid words in your headline or copy Since Google bolds the keywords in AdWords headlines and copy, usage of bid terms make your ads stand out. They also tell the reader that your ad is relevant to them. 2. Test using the {KeyWord: Alt Headline Here} function to use the search phrase

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